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Synonyms for marbleizing

a texture like that of marble

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So, pick up some craft store pumpkins and gourds with wonderful shapes and sizes displaying artful stems, plus three colors of nail polish, or three cans of oil-based spray paint, and let the antique art of Italian marbleizing begin so you can enjoy beautiful designers tablescape this fall season.
flares its leaves for all to see into the green marbleizing
The basic seminar involves an introduction to the Onyx HD paint system, instructions for working with the powders and dyes and basic application techniques in the area of individual refinishing such as burled wood root, marbleizing and the foil technique.
Stains can be used for faux finishing effects such as marbleizing, or to create graphic designs and logos.
When completely dry, paint with marbleizing process or spray paint.
The product is FDA-approved and can be used in many different ways: as a complete coating system, to add a marbleizing or speckled effect, and on confections, chocolate, jelly beans, salted snacks and a variety of other products.