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Synonyms for marauding

Synonyms for marauding

characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding

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Classes ahve been disrupted in Kenyewa/Poka ward after marauding elephants were on Wednesday reported to have strayed into the area.
The marauding monkeys forage for food around the entrance to the 17th century monument in the northern city of Agra, where visitors' bags are scanned and food thrown away.
Summary: Marauding Iranians will take some stopping when they face Japan in the semis
Also this year, we've been entertained by a pair of glossy black crows who have been marauding about our garden and probably the neighbours' gardens too.
Returning to Richard Guise, is he little more than a marauding termite hoping to undermine Brexit.
COUNTER terror police have dealt with a marauding gun attack and mass hostage situation which were simulated during a major exercise in a disused power station.
Tony Gigot's late penalty looked to have earned a share of the spoils, but after Adam Cuthbertson's marauding run took the Rhinos down field, McGuire dummied over for a trademark try from close range.
Week in, week out their marauding hordes invade civic amenities, lay-bys, industrial estates, traffic islands, etc, destroying and threatening.
NATHANIEL CLYNE is catching the eye as a marauding right back for Liverpool and England - but wishes he was a striker.
IT seems that even politicians are not allowed to describe illegal immigrants as a 'swarm' (David Cameron) or a 'marauding mob' (Phillip Hammond) without the hairy-fairy, namby-pamby, liberal do-gooders objecting to these statements.
CHANNEL Tunnel services were seriously disrupted yesterday after a "marauding mob" of 150 migrants stormed the Calais terminal.
I am not a fan of any hunting or shooting, but, I have also seen the devastation a marauding fox can cause to free-range chickens and new-born lambs and I accept that farmers and land owners have a right to protect their livestock.
zombies were marauding across Brum as part of a huge game called 2.8 Elsewhere, even more zombies were marauding across Brum as part of a huge game called 2.8 Hours Later in which members of the public signed up to be chased by actors playing the living dead.
It follows clumsy young Viking boy Hiccup who dreams of following in his warrior father's footsteps and protecting his village from marauding dragons, but his dad isn't sure he's up to the job.
Marauding monkeys prowling in gangs on the streets of this popular tourist resort has created panic among residents and tourists with a woman being their latest victim.