marathon runner

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someone who participates in long-distance races (especially in marathons)

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Frank Collins and chief executive Mark Brandreth join some of the 18 marathon runners who helped to raise the cash
The renowned British marathon runner Paula Radcliffe visited Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) yesterday morning and got a closer view of the role AZF's member organisations -- Aspire Academy, Aspetar, and Aspire Logistics -- are playing in transforming Qatar into an international sports hub.
Dr Rosalie Dunn MBE, Haven founder, said: "Colin made history for The Haven, as our first official London Marathon runner and we were delighted.
Johannesburg [South Africa], Nov 8 ( ANI ): Jemima Sumgong, Kenyan Olympic marathon runner, has been handed a four year suspension from competitions in a doping case.
"I'm a marathon runner and have been doing those for years but I hadn't done a half marathon for a decade," he said.
India's youngest marathon runner Budhia Singh, from Odisha, will join the event on Monday which covers the entire ancient Kapilvastu kingdom and then head towards the world's highest peak from Lumbini.
Marathon runner Nitender doesn't want to focus on opponents in Rio
The announcement came following a meeting between Race Director Stavros Kakourides, Chrysanthos Savvides, the head Paphos municipality Youth and Sports Commission and Dimitris Kyriakides, son of legendary marathon runner, Stelios Kyriakides.
Guest speakers including Olympic marathon runner Dave Long.
A MOUNTAIN rescue team was scrambled to find a marathon runner who'd failed to turn up at his checkpoint - only to find he'd given up on the race and gone to a mate's house.
In 2012, South Sudan's marathon runner Guor Marial competed at the London games, under the Olympic flag since South Sudan not yet an approved IOC member at the time.
According to the movie, Yang was the top marathon runner in Korea before the war, so his WWII story has several parallels with American Louie Zamperini (Unbroken).
Summary: Amateur video filmed by Boston Marathon runner Jennifer Treacy shows one of two explosions that went off near the finish line.
The world's oldest marathon runner has hung up his spikes after crossing the finishing line for the final time in his last long distance race.