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extreme malnutrition and emaciation (especially in children)

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Kant asked the physician Gottlieb Hufeland for help; Hufeland diagnosed "congestions of the head," caused by "weaknesses of the nerves."(15) It is generally assumed, however, that Kant's declining mental health was due to a general marasmus, a decrepitude not uncommon in old age.
Characterisation of SAM patients by baseline clinical profile (N=346) Variable n (%) * Age (months) 6-12 112 (33.6) 13-24 175 (52.5) 25-36 28 (8.4) 37-60 18 (5.5) SAM syndromic classification Marasmus 111 (33.2) Kwashiorkor 141 (42.2) Marasmic kwashiorkor 82 (24.6) Oedema grade None 99 (29.6) Mild 23 (6.9) Moderate 96 (28.7) Severe 116 (34.7) Dermatosis grade None 102 (30.5) Mild 79 (23.7) Moderate 120 (35.9) Severe 33 (9.9) LRTIs Yes 67 (20.1) No 267 (79.9) Other comorbidities Yes 96 (28.7) No 238 (71.3) Critically ill on admission Yes 50 (14.9) No 284 (85.1) HIV status Positive 113 (33.8) Negative 221 (66.2) HIV/AIDS disease stage 1 31 (27.4) 2 41 (36.3) 3 32 (28.3) 4 9 (8.0) SAM = severe acute malnutrition; LRTIs = lower respiratory tract infections.
(15) Marasmus is a form of severe malnutrition characterised by energy deficiency.
This practice however, is associated with increased risk of nutritional marasmus. The findings of this study (in which supplemental and formula milk were introduced earlier than 6 months) are in agreement with the studies in eastern Kenya where by age 3 months, 90% of infants were already receiving supplemental feedings of cow milk and maize or millet gruels [3].
[16] in 2010 conducted a study on the oxidative stress in marasmus children and concluded that MDA was significantly higher in marasmus children.
After the STZ injection, the mice exhibited typical DM symptoms, such as polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, and marasmus. No difference in the blood glucose level was found among the groups of mice.
Fizik incelemede, genel durumu iyi, halsiz, duskun gorunumde, saclar seyrek ve cansiz, vucut agirligi: 7 000 g (< %3p), boy: 78 cm (%10-25p), bas cevresi: 46 cm (%10-25p), cilt alti yag dokusu azalmis ve beslenme bozuklugu siniflamasi Gomez'e gore agir beslenme bozuklugu, Wellcome'a gore marasmus, Waterlow'a gore akut+kronik idi.
The response held for antibiotics of different classes, for both marasmus and kwashiorkor, and lasted beyond the antibiotics course.
Children suffering from kwashiorkor (protein-energy malnutrition) or marasmus (deficiency in energy) have small atrophic hearts, with clinical evidence of a low output state.
However in India, Gopalan did not find any difference in diets of children developing marasmus or kwashiorkor (4).
Pioneer studies have indicated that this experimental diet, RBD, produces in rats a type of under-nutrition similar to that prevalent among children from this region of Brazil, which is associated with nutritional dwarfism and some clinical signs of marasmus (Silva, 1987).
Protein-energy malnutrition describes a spectrum of pathological conditions from kwashiorkor to marasmus.
In more advanced cases, those affected show signs of severe wasting, called marasmus, or they have the condition known as kwashiorkor, marked by skin and hair changes and significant swelling of the arms and legs.
Doctors had to seek advice from the World Health Organisation before they could treat the boys for the wasting disorder marasmus.