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extreme malnutrition and emaciation (especially in children)

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0001), as did marasmic patients compared with kwashiorkor and marasmic kwashiorkor, although this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.
He said the fact people had required treatment for severe malnutrition cases such as marasmic kwashiorkor was "disgraceful" and added: "People do not understand and do not recognise that there are millions of people really struggling.
Sera were obtained from 78 children (49 males, 29 females) with PEM (Wellcome classification) including kwashiorkor (n=36), Marasmic kwashiorkor (n=29) and Marasmus (n=13), as well as 33 healthy children (22 males, 11 females) without evidence of PEM.
Conclusions: The cytokines were more elevated in kwashiorkor than marasmic kwashiorkor, marasmus or malaria alone.
In contrast, upon admission, some parameters like total proteins, albumin, transferrin, and ceruloplasmin were significantly lower in children with kwashiorkor than in marasmic, and their concentrations in both groups were below the reference value, indicating a depletion process.
Lipoprotein metabolism in marasmic children of Northern Mauritania.
25) in the early 1970s, Life and Look magazines depicted marasmic children from the Biafran conflict, leading shocked citizens from developed countries to demand that political leaders intervene with the Nigerian government to stop the senseless debacle.
For example, the fact that parents of a marasmic child do not concede to have committed adultery does not rule out the possibility that someone else, for instance a midwife, may still have precipitated marasmus in the child by having committed a sexual offence.
Once a young child becomes ill or marasmic, (2) the family--and health care providers--may assume HIV infection and view the child as dangerous or likely to die, thus a low priority for time, energy, emotion, and money.
Under extreme malnutrition conditions such as marasmic (severe caloric deficiency), and kwashiorkor (severe protein deficiency) impairment of vaccination was found for yellow fever, smallpox (70), tuberculosis, and polio (71,72).
It frequently occurs when the marasmic patient experiences the catabolic stress of illness or trauma.