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Synonyms for maraschino

distilled from fermented juice of bitter wild marasca cherries

cherry preserved in true or imitation maraschino liqueur

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Foods and Sysco, the co-op takes pride in being the largest supplier of maraschino cherries to the foodservice arena.
In a typical grocery store today, you will find a jar of maraschino cherries that holds around 20-25 cherries.
Spalding added that the positioning of maraschino cherries in the grocery market is over in the canned fruit aisle, so it's not really located where all the usage occurs.
They're the (Cherry) Bomb What is a Maraschino Cherry, Anyway?
From the "frequently asked questions" page of the website for Gray & Company, a maraschino cherry producer (www.
Plus, the traditional flavoring of maraschino cherries is almond, which certainly confuses the issue.
Other stories about maraschino cherries, such as they are soaked in formaldahyde or contain hundreds of calories per cherry, are not true.
According to Cheryl Kroupa, director of maraschino cherry marketing for the Cherry Marketing Institute, cherry bombs are popular enough in Europe and Canada that there are ready-made products available there.
The first-prize winner of a contest to develop garnishes using maraschino cherries held last year by the Cherry Marketing Institute went to Bernie's Main Dry, a bar in Keewatin, MN.
Serve in a margarita glass or martini glass Garnish with slice of lime with maraschino cherry in center place on top of drink to create a flower.
Put I stemless maraschino cherry in the bottom of a shot glass or other small glass.