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Philippine tree similar to the breadfruit tree bearing edible fruit

tropical fruit from the Philippines having a mass of small seeds embedded in sweetish white pulp

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Zaki Omar who replaces Marang district police chief DSP Mohd Suhaimi Ali, who has been promoted to the rank of Superintendent and who will now assume the post of Kota Baru deputy district police chief.
It is not just the issue of dictating their food habits and imposing it on the adivasis; the Santhal claims that the entire area of so-called Parasnath hills is actually Marang Buru, the traditional deity of the adivasis of the region.
(Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) di pertanaman Kubis Kecamatan Batu dan poncokusumo, Kabupaten Marang. Jurnal Entomologi Indonesia 1: 61-68.
(1) Department of Educational Management, Marang branch, Islamic Azad university, Marand, Iran
Related to the breadfruit and marang, its buttery flesh is thick with fiber and often described as starchy in flavor.
Located in the valley of the Lesan and Marang rivers (Berau and East Kutai districts), a region containing the nearest karstic mountains to the coast of the Celebes Sea, we have been investigating the population dynamics between the coast and the inland karstic forest.
Debarati Chattopadhyay (1), Souradip Gupta (2), Prabir Kumar Jash (2), Marang Buru Murmu (3), and Sandipan Gupta (2)
of Surgery, FMHS; UCSI University, Terengganu Campus Bukit Khor, PT 11065, Mukin Rusila 21600, Marang, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia Email: | Phone: 0661302005060
Jenelyn Enprera, an employee of the social welfare department was handed over by representatives of the Abu Sayyaf Group to mayor Gulam aACAyBoy' Hataman of Sumisip, in Sumisip's Marang village on Thursday night, Senior Superintendent Mario Dapilloza, provincial police director of Basilan, told the Inquirer on Friday.
Majalongka 9,4 GO 10,300 12,700 11,615 4 Kota Surakarta 11,300 11,300 11,300 11,300 5 Pemalarig 10,125 7,250 12,000 11,405 6 Kebumen 6,000 6,000 6,000 7,S00 Rerata Petani 9,414 9,142 11,033 10,683 Sentra Konsumsi 1 Jaka rta 14,600 15,400 16,600 17,400 2 Se marang 12,200 13,600 16,800 16,050 3 Pontianak 13,000 18,000 16,250 17,729 4 Pekanbaru 17,251 17.266 13,033 28,108 5 Palembang 19,200 17,000 13,300 18,900 6 Padang 20,250 19,050 13,500 19,225 7 Bandung 12,000 13,600 15,400 14,688 8 Medan 13,200 18,000 18,375 18,206 9 Aceh 24,000 24,400 19,250 22,663 10 Samarinda 22,000 22,000 22,000 22,000 Rerata Grosir 17,770 17,952 18,006 19,497 2013 No Lokasi Rerata Maret Sentra Produksi Peb M-1 M-2 M-3 M-4 1 Kab.
Known for being the fruit bowl of Mindananao, Davao boasts a broad variety of fruits such as the Durian, Mango, Marang, Lanzones, Mangosteen, Banana, Pomelo, Watermelon and more.
A total of 314 prisoners were randomly selected from three Malaysia prison namely Kajang Prison, Sungai Buloh Prison and Marang Prison.
A comparative study of estuarine ichtyofauna of Sungai Tanjung Piandang, Perak and Sungai Marang, Terengganu.
A scientific research study11 was conducted in Seberang Marang to find an association between caries prevalence and egative attitude to