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large African black-and-white carrion-eating stork

the downy feathers of marabou storks are used for trimming garments

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The 17-year-old female, a marabou stork, native to sub-Saharan Africa, has an impressive wingspan of around 1.8 metres (5ft 10ins).
BIG FLAP: The Marabou Stork's wingspan can reach 12ft.
Shot in Tanzania, East Africa, we see how the birds arrive at Lake Natron and face an almost immediate struggle to find a mate, hatch an egg and then protect their young from Marabou storks and hyenas.
Marabou storks, which on average stand 5 feet tall, are everywhere.
The lazily-circling monsters are nothing more malevolent than marabou storks, extremely large and comical creatures guaranteed to raise a belly laugh rather than ravage your suntanned belly as you laze at the luxury Kampala Sheraton.
We report, to our knowledge for the first time, pathologic changes in a ventral air pouch secondary to a productive infection of the upper respiratory tract in a marabou stork. Therefore, the unique communication between the nasal cavities and the ventral pouch should be considered and evaluated in future cases of respiratory disease in marabou storks.
Therefore, clinicians who manage cases in which the ventral pouch of marabou storks is involved should rule out disorders of nasal and orbital regions.
The marabou storks wheeling like dinosaurs over my hotel in Kampala.
Rare marabou storks bred in captivity at a Staffordshire zoo have produced a clutch of eggs and the first chicks are due to appear early next month.
Other exotic birds include marabou storks and pink flamingoes.
Marabou storks with ugly inflatable sacs under their necks circle the city like pterodactyls, tussling with each other and squawking at passers-by.
Above them, soaring round and round with greedy eyes, are marabou storks. They are carrion.
And birds - more than 500 different species have been recorded here with everything from huge marabou storks, pink-backed pelicans, vultures, iridescent kingfishers, to tiny bee-eaters and the rare buff-spotted woodpecker.
"A five-month-old African Marabou Stork from Holland called Mandy has also just arrived.