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Synonyms for marabou

large African black-and-white carrion-eating stork

the downy feathers of marabou storks are used for trimming garments

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From her hair ties she has long white ermine hides and decorating her beaded leggings are white marabou fluffs.
Another curiosity having to do with catching big smallmouths is relative to the choice of rod to cast and retrieve marabou and hair.
Wheeler had a good idea: Instead of tying in the marabou directly to the hook shank, why not bring it in through the crease of the foam, kicking it up and away from the hook, but not impeding any action.
The complexity of trademark law is revealed as two US multinational firms tussle over the lower-case "m" for their candy names - M&M's and Marabou
The Strictly star teamed the pretty mini with baby pink strappy shoes and a marabou shrug and played up her Sixties styling with Bardot-esque big hair and Bambi eyes.
Black flares, PS39.99, Zara Belted coat, PS59.99, Zara Sunglasses, PS10, High-heeled court shoes, PS75, Office Reality TV star Millie, 24, was on the FROW at the Giles show looking glam in high-waisted tailored trousers and a marabou feather jacket.
I am taking a spectator's seat this year, while my must-haves are mainly black and stretchy, I may partake in a little heel wearing for good measure, but I will be leaving the sequin, marabou and velvet to those who can fully immerse themselves in the fun.
The lens was trained on a theatrical arrangement: Novitskova had set up the marabou and the red arrow in front of a photograph of the planet's surface, blown up to enormous proportions.
Finishing is a key element in the five (Poplin, Damask, Jacquard, Jute and Marabou) design styles.
These are rocked out with glitzy star prints, sheer fabrics and marabou feathers.
Marabou storks are one of the most commonly held birds in zoos, but the captive population faces challenges related to high mortality.
A statement for the Ministry of Interior quoted its spokesperson Brigadier Marabou Mn as saying that "the terrorist attack by a car bomb (New Baghdad) area killed / 5 / civilians and wounded / 10 / others, while a bomb inside a wheel resulted in the injury of / 4 / civilians." He added "The victims of the twin blasts in the Shu'lah area will be announced later, after completing the investigative procedures." / End
Even our name, Maribou, is derived from 'marabou.' Marabou is an all natural Haitian woman which you can also see on our logo along with hearts that represent the love and unity we have for Haiti,” explains Zdenka.
The 17-year-old female, a marabou stork, native to sub-Saharan Africa, has an impressive wingspan of around 1.8 metres (5ft 10ins).