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Synonyms for many-sided

having many aspects, uses, or abilities

Synonyms for many-sided

having many parts or sides


having many aspects

full of variety or interest

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A standard wing pulley (left) is "apexed" or is shaped as a many-sided polygon.
According to Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski, the effects from the investment will be many-sided because not only will the unemployment in this region drop, but according to the company's plans, raw materials that textile factories in Macedonia import, will now be produced.
In an in-depth analysis of the economic footprint of the agriculture equipment industry, the paper quantifies the many-sided economic impacts of the manufacturing, distribution, and use of agriculture equipment and machinery.
Among other aspects of the novel, the collection is a vehicle for Moore's many-sided exploration of the forces and myths that guide contemporary life.
But the disarmament process is behind schedule and meanwhile fighting continues in what is now a many-sided battle between opposition rebels, Islamist guerrillas and loyalist forces.
The Penn team found that red blood cells can be compressed into many-sided, closely-packed polyhedral structures -- instead of their free-flowing bi-concave, disc shape.
Ultimately, Kilcullen came to believe that conventional theories of counterinsurgency fail to adequately explain that particular ambush, as well as so many other aspects of "the non-linear, many-sided, wild and messy world of real conflict.
Muslims also found that although the Ustasha formally classified them as Aryan Croats, they were still subject to discrimination and made vulnerable by the many-sided conflict of the war in Bosnia.
Supplying additional weapons to any side - and this is now a many-sided conflict - will only escalate the tragedy.
of Alabama) considers the many-sided feminist critique of rationality as an entry point for recovering rationality as such.
The essay itself presents a multi-dimensional view of one of nineteenth-century American literature's premier "realists," the many-sided William Dean Howells.
The damage of the adopted rules of procedure is many-sided.
The old city, at the heart of which is the distinctive many-sided Venetian citadel, is home to a wealth of history and tales dating back to the 16th Century.
However, matching the heat of the day was the enthusiasm with which the delegates welcomed the many-sided problem that confronted them.
Guiding the reader through a many-sided discussion that includes Rousseau, Herder and Hamann, James Beattie, James Hams and Lord Kames, Regier illustrates how figurative language--and anthropomorphic language in particular--became conjoined with the large questions of divinity and knowledge, and the eighteenth-century search for the origins of language.