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Synonyms for manure

Synonyms for manure

any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material

spread manure, as for fertilization


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The requirements for becoming certified in environmental stewardship include attending a 6-hour UC ANR dairy environmental stewardship course (dairy water quality and dairy manure management).
The ICEP values are lower than under scenarios with (ISSM-MR and IP-MR) than without (ISSM and IP) advanced animal manure management. Under the ISSM-MR and IP-MR scenarios, six and eight basins have negative ICEP values respectively, indicating a low risk for coastal eutrophication (Fig.
Fossil energy and electricity used for the synthesis of fertilizers and for crop production, for the mixing and pelleting of complete feed, for animal housing and manure management, and for the processing and transportation of pork products, are responsible for C[O.sub.2] emissions from pig production (GILL et al., 2010).
HR 848, the Farm Regulatory Certainty Act, would reaffirm and clarify Congress' intention regarding manure management under the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, also known as the Solid Waste Disposal Act.
Although such a nutrient loss may vary dependent on the traditional manure management, regional climate condition in each region, and livestock categories, quantifying and building up database of soil budget for nutrient may support the systematic management of nutrient and the environmental protection.
Earlier this year, a federal judge in eastern Washington ruled that an industrial dairy farm's manure management practices posed an ''imminent and substantial endangerment'' to the environment and to thousands relying on well water.
The comprehensive Nutrient Separation System was developed by McLanahan to improve the social and environmental sustainability of the dairy industry while reducing the cost and liability associated with manure management. In general, nutrients are separated and concentrated from manure, allowing for application where and when they are needed.
The 21 studies represented a wide variety of field sizes, crop and manure management conditions, manure types, and geographic locations across the United States.
The quantity of chemical fertilizers, fuel and other "production inputs" used, the differences in soil conditions and production systems and the extent to which best practices such as cover cropping, intensive grazing or manure management are implemented all affect the amount of greenhouse gas emissions a meat product is responsible for generating.
EQIP provides incentive payments and cost-sharing to induce farmers to begin conservation practices, including manure management and erosion control.
designs and manufactures heavy duty equipment, including processing and sampling equipment for the mineral and aggregate industries and manure management systems for the dairy industry.
Understanding and addressing climate change forcing, air pollution, contamination of ground - or surface water and coastal zones, crop production costs, and dairy manure management require accounting for distinct ecosystems, stakeholders, and their roles in the nitrogen cycle.
Around 51% of the emissions in Wales are estimated to originate from cattle manure management and other sources include transport and waste treatment and disposal.