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Synonyms for manumission

Synonyms for manumission

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

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the formal act of freeing from slavery

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So, 15 years after I pranced around in a choirgirl outfit "working" as a Manumission entertainer, I booked my first trip back to see how the island had changed.
The history we are about to unveil is thus one of manumission, "self-rescue", and freedman agency.
On your doorstep are many of the famous Ibiza nightclubs including Manumission, Space, Es Paradis and Cream.
From their manumission on 15 September 1814, to the abolition of slavery in Jamaica on 1 August 1834, the Clemetsons wheeled and dealed and got rich and powerful.
In Maryland and Delaware "apprenticeship" had been used in conjunction with widespread voluntary manumission in the 1790s and early 1800s as a device to retain social control of young African Americans, and before the Civil War poor free black parents in the South often had their children bound without consent.
Each show will, of course, have a very special Manumission twist.
Firstly, Kea, like others, focuses on the omission of an explicit plea for manumission where I place emphasis on what is explicit.
The night, which has adopted the performance aspects which revolutionised clubbing at Ibiza's Manumission and Liverpool's Garlands, will give city clubbers the mixed night the region has been lacking since Rockshots closed in 1999.
Entertainment will come from fire jugglers, fire breathers, live sax, plus Tom on the trumpet and Pav from Manumission on the bongos.
Last but not least, Andy Taylor is captured working his way through a 10,000 capacity crowd at Ibiza's legendary Manumission nightclub.
To their everlasting credit, Morris and Jay founded the New York Manumission Society, and New York got around to abolishing slavery in 1799.
Then it's worth nipping to Bar M in San Antonio for the Manumission pre-party.
So if you've just finished your exams and are off for a bit of sun, sea and sangria then here's my tips for what should be in your diary: Sunday at Eden, Monday at Manumission for Privilege, Tuesday Underwater (Pacha), Wednesday Space, Thursday Cream (Amnesia), Friday Eden, Saturday Defmix (Pacha) Sunday Cardiff Airport, Monday see bank manager for loan to pay off the credit card
While Ibiza might boast clubs like Manumission where there are sex shows, pulsating dance music and rooms filled with bath foam, Ceredigion clubs like Pier Pressure and K2 in Aberystwyth make do with, well, dance music.