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the act of making something (a product) from raw materials

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If we assume our performance and manufacturing specifications have been established correctly, any deviation from the target goal will result in degraded system performance and/or defective components.
But the 2004 election was more about employment and jobs--particularly in manufacturing than about arcane international financial statistics.
The subsidiaries used standard cost accounting, consistent with their contention that they were a manufacturing operation.
The manufacture of sail cloth on a large scale meant a boost to sailcloth manufacturing.
Camstar's Enterprise Manufacturing Execution and Quality systems (http://www.
Contract manufacturing shortens time-to-market by reducing bureaucracy and overhead.
Oliva, Chief Executive Officer of EMRISE Corporation, commented, "This agreement provides our European communications subsidiary with a truly world-class manufacturing partner which complements and expands upon our existing manufacturing relationship with Hitachi Oklahoma Manufacturing Division in the U.
With over 24 years of progressive operations experience, he holds expertise ranging from traditional industrial engineering to manufacturing and materials management to plant operations leadership.
Although tools such as DELMIA can help optimize manufacturing processes and facilities, you cannot have manufacturing flexibility if the product is not common.
After holding several manufacturing management positions, he was the project coordinator for the original Altima launch team in 1990.
Galicia and Kris Beauchamp (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) will provide an overview of the Lean Certification Program and discuss real world examples, including Manex's recent deployment at United Services.
Alien Technology Corporation today officially opened its 48,000-square foot Alien Manufacturing Center in Fargo, North Dakota, the world's most advanced and sophisticated UHF RFID tag manufacturing facility.
3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:TDSC), a leading provider of rapid 3-D Printing, Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions, announced today that it provided InVision(R) LD 3-D Printers to Illinois area high schools as part of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Bright Minds Mentor Program.
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