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the act of making something (a product) from raw materials

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If we assume our performance and manufacturing specifications have been established correctly, any deviation from the target goal will result in degraded system performance and/or defective components.
But the 2004 election was more about employment and jobs--particularly in manufacturing than about arcane international financial statistics.
One consequence of increased productivity, of course, is loss of manufacturing jobs.
The real issue is how quickly and easily new technology can be embraced and promoted by automated, large-scale manufacturing.
Increased responsibility doesn't mean the molder of 2009 will need to be expert at, or "own," every aspect of manufacturing the OEM's products.
We've seen a sea change, though, and service companies - especially those $5 billion and over in revenue - have merged the cost lines so they're even with their manufacturing brethren.
In determining whether the assembly operations constituted manufacturing, the Tax Court applied two tests set forth in Regs.
to determine the conjunctures of Ottoman manufacturing as a whole" (p.
com), the leading provider of Enterprise Manufacturing and Quality Solutions (http://www.
The biggest benefit for an OEM is that contract manufacturing enables it to reduce its time-to-market, increasing its chances of making a profit.
announced today that it has completed a $20 million Series B financing, raising a second tranche of $11 million, to accelerate the commercialization of its disposable manufacturing technology for vaccines and biotherapeutics.
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