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made by human beings instead of nature

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produced in a large-scale industrial operation

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We, of course, had nothing to do with the passing of false money--we only manufactured it (sometimes at the rate of four hundred pounds' worth in a week); and left its circulation to be managed by our customers in London and the large towns.
Protectionists can use the concern with outsourcing, the claim that East Asian countries (particularly China) undervalue their exchange rates, the existence of poor working conditions in countries which are naturally poor, and so on, as pretexts for imposing tariffs or other restraints on manufactured imports into the United States.
927 requiring that export property eligible for FSC benefits be manufactured in the U.
All antibodies currently on the market are manufactured by the mammalian cell culture technology, and it is clearly the leading technology at the moment.
What began as an industry that manufactured primarily promotional items and household goods has matured to include medical laser instruments, molded plastic baby bottles, and any labor intensive manufacturing process," said Levin.
Residential Funding Corporation (GMAC-RFC) today announced the creation of GMAC Manufactured Housing, a new business unit dedicated to delivering capital and providing operational infrastructure to the manufactured housing market.
MPM addresses "how" a product is to be manufactured and provides the link between product design systems that address "what" has to be manufactured, and shop-floor execution systems that address the "when and where" of production.
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