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Ole Herman Johannes Krag, director of the Royal Manufactory of Arms in Kongesdert, and gunsmith Erik Jorgensen.
When the Old BCN Main Line was in its pomp, in the 18th and 19th century, serving Matthew Boulton's Soho Manufactory, it was the place to be.
Mr Wilcock said: "The biggest distinction is that in Britain we didn't have a national manufactory, but individual manufacturers contracted to the government.
Coypel's Don Quixote paintings were also originally cartoons in their own right, made as models for the weavers at the celebrated Gobelins Royal Manufactory, founded in 1662 by Louis XIV to create sumptuous tapestries, silver and pieces of furniture to adorn the French king's residences and spread his glory through lavish diplomatic gifts.
Poole Pottery was originally Carter''s Industrial Tile Manufactory.
According to him, 50 machines with 70-80 tons of raw cotton production per day have been installed in the processing manufactory; 24 machines with capacity of 50-60 tons of seed per day have been installed in the Lintern manufactory.
Ivanovo Manufactory, one of Russia's largest manufacturers of technical textiles, has signed an agreement with the Riko Group, a diversified Slovenian holding company, on the construction a plant for the production flame retardant fabrics from synthetic fibres in the Ivanovo region, one of Russia's largest textile production centre.
Discussion includes his many roles as an enterprising industrialist of the Enlightenment, his involvement with science and innovation, the origins of the Soho Manufactory, the battle for the Birmingham Assay Office, portrait prints of Boulton, and his death--controversy and commemoration.
The Battle of Pearson's Farm asks what might have happened had British troops attempted to cut off the Waters arms manufactory in what was then Sutton.
The pie is on display for a month at the Marvellous Mince Pie Manufactory, at The Exchange shopping centre in Ilford, where visitors are invited to create their own versions.
Three different crafts will be performed by a master engraver, watchmaker and finishing specialist from the German manufactory, to highlight the techniques that drive the brand to the pinnacle of modern performance watchmaking.
In addition to porcelain, a range of earthenwares was made by a sister factory, The Faience Manufactory Aluminia, established in 1863 and merged with Royal Copenhagen in 1882.
Earlier this year Shenzhen Reflective Materials Manufactory Co (RMM) moved in to a new factory of 9000 sq m over 6 floors, more than doubling its previous 4000 sq m.
Another to claim the honours was Thomas Battan, who allegedly hit on the secret while working at Copeland''s porcelain manufactory in Stone-onTrent in 1842.