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the upper part of the breastbone

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5) A temporalis fascia graft or conchal cartilage graft was harvested and placed over the manubrium mallei and under the annulus.
Length of manubrium and dentes 230 and 300 pm respectively (Holotype).
In the patients with posterior dislocations, the hooks were placed in an intraosseus position in the manubrium to prevent redisplacement posteriorly.
Complete bone Fragmented Missing bones present bones Bone N % N % N Sternum Manubrium 133 85.
In figure-of-eight technique, a total of four figure-of-eight sutures were placed parasternally (one cephalically at the manubrium and three at the body of sternum).
Compression of the tracheal lumen to 3 mm in span was seen at the level of the manubrium (Figure 2).
Begin at the top of the manubrium at the jugular notch and palpate inferiorly until the angle of Louis is felt.
A 5-cm warm, fluctuating mass overlying the sternal manubrium was palpated.
Landmarks visible: manubrium, malleus, short process, pars flaccida, pars tensa, annulus.
Ossified rugose masses were paired to the five sternal segments, including a well preserved manubrium and xiphisternum.
0 mm); abdominal segments separated; absence of trichobothria; manubrium with posterior and anterior setae; dens crenulate; and mucro with 4 teeth.
The mass was located lateral to the manubrium and did not extend beyond the squamous surface.
Initial inspection of the neck suggested that tracheostomy would be difficult as he had a short neck with very little space between the cricoid cartilage and the manubrium.
Radiological studies demonstrated degenerative changes confined to the medial clavicle in three cases, exophytic overgrowth of the medial clavicle and adjacent manubrium in one case, and bilateral degenerative changes on both sides of the joint in one case.
The medial-caudal migration pathway forms the thymopharyngeal tract, which runs from the angle of the mandible to the manubrium of the sternum bilaterally.