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The manual of arms for the Remington 51 is something that may seem familiar, but its quirks remind contemporary shooters that this design came along a half-century past.
In presenting various firearms for their consideration, the simpler the manual of arms, the more comfortable a new customer may be with his or her first firearm.
In addition to that particular hand-strength issue, pistols bring a sometimes excessive set of tasks needed to deal with the manual of arms.
Just think about the weapons and ammo of the day; flintlock muzzleloaders, and what was involved in their care, loading and the manual of arms.
This is insurance that buys you time in a struggle for your pistol with an attacker, but does require the shooter to ingrain on-safe/off-safe in the manual of arms.
The manual of arms is identical except that the bolt catch doesn't funtion in conversion mode.
There are no external controls, presenting a clean profile with nothing to snag and no manual of arms to perform between drawing and firing the gun.
Since Lasermax makes no revolver lasers, the CT grips may just be the ticket for all your guns because you have but one manual of arms to memorize.
If you have any customers in Monty's situation, write me in care of Shooting Industry and I'll explain how we worked out the manual of arms that lets him shoot so well in his condition.
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