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a commonly repeated word or phrase

(Sanskrit) literally a 'sacred utterance' in Vedism

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In Mantra, not only do characters model their lives, or seek understanding of their lives, through the lens of technology and mass-media (i.
opens a door to a revised theology of religions in which the comparativist forms small, provisional judgments about other religions from the ground up, such that one might affirm "that, from a Christian perspective, God intends there to be the three Mantras as enduring spiritual realities that speak the truth, the way, and the life, Mantras possessed of a wisdom that does not disappear or appear as a mere shadow to the light of Christian revelation" (184-85).
As the Mantra team put the final touches on Fuse Presents, Creative Group's editing team for the project, comprising editors Mari Keiko Gonzalez and Mike Levine, first delivered a cold open to accompany the broadcast of the concert Fuse aired live on September 11, then did some minor edits on a two-hour commercial broadcast of the concert aired by Fuse on September 13.
Mantra is a public company quoted on the OTC BB under the symbol MVTG and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 5MV.
Mantra looks forward capitalizing on the opportunity with Bluebird.
Michelle Remond acompana el catalogo de Chevez en su presentacion, y se refiera a Lotus Mantra que es vista "desde un expresionismo abstracto cada vez mas entranable, Chevez preside el camino del corazon abierto, misericorde hasta las ultimas consecuencias y Lotus Mantra late con ese mensaje valiente .
The CD's title comes from the fifth track, ``Govinda Jaya Jaya,'' the celebratory song that led De Lory to do an entire album of mantra.
Y aun mas asombroso que las dos hagan un corte transversal de la cultura mexicana; la primera a traves de la cronica casi fidedigna de sus fiestas, y Mantra sobre todo en la segunda parte de la novela, que esta construida como un gran diccionario que nos recuerda al mejor David Guterson.
Researchers found reciting the Ave Maria or chanting a mantra slowed breathing to six breaths a minute and exercised the heart.
There Ramakrishna had the vision of Mother Kali, the Divine Mother of the Universe, walking amidst the funeral pyres of the deceased, untying the knots of their ignorance, as Lord Shiva whispered into their ears the mantra of final liberation.
A "strong dollar" has never been defined by the relevant officials and the mantra was indeed uttered both when the dollar fell to 80 to 1 against the yen in 1995 and when it soared to 145 to 1 against that same currency in 1998.
Indian ISP Mantra Online has launched the first private international ISP gateway via satellite in India.
Boston and Westborough, MA 3/13/00-PerkinElmer and Mantra Software have formed a business and technology strategic partnership.
One of the main general conclusions appears near the end of chapter III: "I believe that we may conclude that the Balinese ritual as we know it replete with Indian mantras, is the successor to a similar Balinese ritual in which the mantras were not Indic, just as the Dayak recitations are not Indic even though they are in a mantra-like language" (p.