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Synonyms for mantic

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for mantic

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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iJET is thrilled to continue our tradition of thought leadership and responsiveness to market changes by building on our 'Powered by iJET' model with Mantic Point," said Bruce McIndoe, CEO and President of iJET.
In a slightly revised version of his doctoral dissertation at Yale University, Neujahr blends literary and historical methods to look at the use of predicting identifiable historical events (vaticinium ex eventu) as a literary technique in the mantic writing of the ancient Near East, from the earliest evidence in Mesopotamian literature of the late second millennium BCE through the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE.
Goodhart in fact holds that "Unless we privilege Teiresias a priori as spokesman for the mythic pattern, we may have no confidence that the knowledge of the practicing mantic is other than professional" (1978, 60).
Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, eelgrass populations experienced a number of localized declines, most notably in the Mantic River where eelgrass became virtually non-existent (Short et al.
The service, by Mantic Point mobile travel service provider, is only available for flights departing from London Heathrow and for customers who sign-up through Air New Zealand's website.
Travel companies are cutting back their IT development leaving the way open to mobile software companies, said Mike Atherton, ceo of Mantic Point.
Pierre Bonnechere dwells on the theme of "the sacred grove (Alos) in the Mantic Rituals of Greece".
Golding wasn't the first novelist to depict mantic inspiration in antiquity: Steven Saylor's Arms of Nemesis (1992) springs to mind, in which Gordianus the Finder encounters the Sibyl at Cumae, (33) and the title of Hillary Bailey's Cassandra betrays its prophetic theme.
The letter goes on to consider the vatic qualities that deprivation of sight might betoken by citing and comparing Milton's own experience with the mantic vision of the "Salmydessian seer Phineus [Salmydessii Vatis Phinei]" who, for his impiety, was afflicted by Zeus with blindness and old age (Arg.
There has been a legion of commentators, within Marxism such as George Lukacs, and outside it such as Raymond Aron or Leszek Kolakowski, who have pointed to the Hegelian underpinnings of the Marxian credo, to the attempt to provide a secular counterpart to the old messianic tale of struggle and redemption rooted in Judaism and Christianity, and to the empowerment of intellectuals as the high priests of abstract formulae and theoretical incantations with much the same mantic power as the diviners and clerics of old.
Fletcher Spaght Ventures, Eagle River and Mantic Investments also participated in the funding round.
MANTIC A, Inverse problems infractal construction: moment method solution, Physica D, 43 (1990), pp.
Far from rallying all experience around a kind of mantic or militant lyric core, Shelley's "eye," his creative imagination, concerned with "the percipient's mediation with the scene in question" (190), operated in a fructifying interchange which accommodated all variety of textual, geographical, and natural phenomena.
Understanding of table contents requires table-structure comprehension and se mantic interpretation.