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Synonyms for mantelpiece

shelf that projects from wall above fireplace

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Then all the men spoke to one another something after this fashion, "The drum-horse hasn't hung over the mantelpiece since'67.
His manner was nervous and shy, like that of a sensitive gentleman, and the thin white hand which he laid on the mantelpiece as he rose was that of an artist rather than of a surgeon.
Her eye was caught by the photographs on the mantelpiece.
A vigilant hand had, as usual, kept the fire alive and the lamp trimmed; and the room, with its rows and rows of books, its bronze and steel statuettes of "The Fencers" on the mantelpiece and its many photographs of famous pictures, looked singularly home-like and welcoming.
On the left was a large, deep fireplace, with a massive, overhanging oak mantelpiece.
Here was a Thursday morning in process of manufacture; each second was minted fresh by the clock upon the mantelpiece.
He even managed not to laugh (though he did gulp) when we discovered on the mantelpiece a photograph of Joey in ordinary clothes, the garments he wore before he became a clown.
She crossed the room and came over close to his side, resting her arm upon the mantelpiece.
He stood there, for several moments, with his elbow upon the mantelpiece, looking down into the fire.
She crossed her legs and leaned her back against the marble mantelpiece.
Crayford looks round at the clock on the mantelpiece.
Abruptly closing the window, she threw aside her shawl, and lit the candles on the mantelpiece, impelled by a sudden craving for light in the solitude of her room.
She pointed to a miniature portrait, hanging above the mantelpiece.
To the educated eye the dining-room, with its modern furniture and conservatory, its ancient walls and doors, and its lofty mantelpiece (neither very old nor very new), presents a startling, almost a revolutionary, mixture of the decorative workmanship of widely differing schools.
The still feebly flickering ashes in the grate, and the row of prim ornaments on the mantelpiece, were surely harmless enough.