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InstaLover is a dedicated ManServant that will dote on your girlfriend via Instagram.
Its plot hinges on a double case of mistaken identity, on young masters and their manservants getting separated in a shipwreck and growing up apart, and this works as well today as it did in the 16th Century.
Just like Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg got his manservant Passepartout to accompany him, this freelance copyeditor with Time magazine was on the lookout for a companion.
In 2008, a couple in Italy sought to name their son Friday after Robinson Crusoe's manservant.
Hunky Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) and his manservant Renbock (Robert Emms) arrive at the palace and the Queen is smitten.
He sets out to seize a Bank of England treasure ship only to storm The Beagle instead and capture a young Charles Dickens, and his primate manservant Mister Bobo.
That motto that has served me well during my ill-fated spells as lion-tamer, Foreign Secretary and Boy George's manservant, so I was pleased by Shahid Afridi's attitude in resigning as Pakistan captain after one Test match in charge.
Instead, she becomes part of a bizarre scientific research project conducted by the opium-addled, debt-ridden apothecary, with the help of his loathsome, treacherous manservant, Edgar.
Who was the Tracy family's manservant in the Gerry Anderson puppet show Thunderbirds?
IT stands to reason that if he's got a manservant to hold his willy while he pees, Prince Charles would expect not to have to dip the royal tootsies into all that dirty flood water in Hull when he visited last week.
Several times through the first four episodes of BBC America's "Robin Hood," Robin (Jonas Armstrong) reminds his doltish yet loyal manservant Much (Sam Troughton) to wait for "the last man," the laggard among the Sheriff of Nottingham's troops who might stumble upon their hiding place and undo their efforts.
In the non-chalant solo, "A Needle in a Haystack," Astaire sings and dances with the insouciant grace that was his instant trademark, flipping his dressing gown to his manservant and lightly ascending a chair.
Toibin shows him subtly attracted to a manservant, listening to gossip about Oscar Wilde's trial, spending a tension-filled night lying naked in bed next to future Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
Disguised as an invalid white man accompanied by his manservant, Ellen and her husband, William Craft, made their way from Georgia to Philadelphia.