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a hip roof having two slopes on each side


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29 Martin Lane, London, EC4Y 0DJ 19/00524/LBC Alterations and refurbishment works to include externally, a combination of the replacement or restoration of windows; the replacement of skylights; the replacement of the side access door; the repair and where necessary the replacement of the mansard roof, bell tower roof structure and brickwork; the restoration of the clock; the insertion of intake and exhaust grilles and windows; installation of a new roof hatch; and the replacement of the modern front porch hand rail.
It features a stone facade and mansard roof, with the emphasis being placed on smaller scale development.
As once described by cultural writer and conservationist Bambi Harper, its "Mansard roof, French windows, carved details, attractive grilles and studied proportions" are reminiscent of French renaissance architecture.
The building's upper story had a mansard roof with windows, and had retail on the first floor and residential or office/manufacturing on the upper floors.
112 Samish Way, $200,000 for commercial alterations: eliminating mansard roof and replacing with parapets, updating dining and restrooms, optimizing drive-thru lane: McDonald's at Samish Way.
The House with the Mansard Roof (Backwaters Press, 2009).
Application ref: M/FP/0960/12/P Address: 7-27 Bedford Street and Church House Square, Middlesbrough Proposal: Redevelopment of site to form four-storey building including mansard roof to include 24 flats, ground floor units in A1 shop, A2 offices, A3 cafe and B1 business use with refuse store and parking area.
| Ian Mitchell, new sun lounge and garage extension with first floor added over garage with mansard roof, 10 Broomhouse Close, Denby Dale.
The crowd danced along to tracks like A-Punk, Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa and Mansard Roof, and listened intently to Giving Up the Gun, Oxford Comma and Horchata.
Songs like Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and Oxford Comma galvanised the masses while encore offerings Mansard Roof and Walcott ensured it was a buoyant ending.
The start, though, is rather underwhelming, with album opener Mansard Roof and Campus perfectly pleasant but hardly stirring.
The building's white brick and marble facade needed only a thorough cleaning, but the green mansard roof required extensive repair.
The application also includes permission to demolish a mansard roof and erection of pitched roof with dormer windows, erection of fire escape to east elevation and alterations to elevations at 2 Waterloo Street and 22-28 Westmorland Road, Newcastle.
Individual housing units are delineated by a mixture of flat, pitched, and mansard roof massings, as well as alternating stone, brick, and frame cladding.
Pre-empting London's dockland renaissance by almost a decade, this dramatic warehouse conversion, with distinctive concrete waffle slab and glazed mansard roof, was well ahead of its time, and led the way.