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Synonyms for manoeuver

act in order to achieve a certain goal

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perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense

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If the above manoeuvers are unsuccessful partial hepatectomy, oversewing the laceration, fibrin gluing, and liver transplantation are other uncommon surgical interventions.
These results are related to two important concepts: therapeutic RTW and margin of manoeuver. Therapeutic RTW postulates that work schedules, task volume and content, should be reviewed in order to avoid compromising RTW.
Further, other benefits for fire departments include increased compartment space with 25" deep compartments that provide 185 cu ft of space; engineered to be easy to manoeuver with a wheelbase as short as 198" and an outrigger stance of 12' with the capability to short jack at 10'6"; designed to accommodate a 650-gallon water tank and an enclosed ladder storage that can house an ISO compliant package.
In getting out of the plots, the rats employed the same manoeuver; another four or five rats had to make the necessary sacrifice, this time, of being hunted and killed by the farm caretakers the following day.
The exercise included training on how to manoeuver and how to defend a ship in the event of an external attack, in addition to approach exercise and the method of boarding and search and fire-fighting.
This newly introduced system will further boost the confidence of students as they perform every manoeuver without any intervention from instructors," he says.
Though the PML-N has emerged as the single largest party in the Senate with 33 Senators, the recent Senate polls have also placed the PPP in a position to manoeuver the things in its favto elect its chairman.
More space gives to one side better chances to manoeuver their pieces and thus create chances for attack in the long run on the part of the board with space advantage.
We watched the Wildcats with their squared off wings make the manoeuver to start a dive to bomb the ships on the bay.
TRADOC will be represented by Major Alan Stephens, Manoeuver Robotics and Autonomous Systems Branch Chief, Mounted Requirements Division, Manoeuver Centre of Excellence, US Army.
In Lebanon, Hezbollah is now so powerful, and its shadow-government network of organizations so sophisticated, that it can manoeuver freely.
With only two out of six lanes closed to minimise disruption to traffic, the crane had to manoeuver in a tight space.
Lind, one of the founders of the bodies of knowledge known as fourth-generation warfare and manoeuver warfare (these were the topics in earlier columns), asserts that to be effective in contemporary operations military forces should not only be training their officer cadres in what to think, they must be educating them in how to think.
Attaching an ARRI Alexa Mini camera on an octocopter, Glockner had to manoeuver the drone steadily through air-down narrow alleys and amid flocks of birds, as well as past low-hanging power lines in varied wind conditions.