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Synonyms for manoeuver

act in order to achieve a certain goal

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perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense

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Javed says, "This automation process has the test yard fitted with surveillance cameras outside to guide the candidate about the locations of different manoeuvers.
Careful engineering calculations were made for the lifts to ensure that the LR1750 could lift the girders and manoeuver in to place without going over the ground bearing pressure limit.
The Thick of It (2005-2012) Satirises the workings of government, with the focus on the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship In the Loop (2009) Profane political spin doctor Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) tries to cover up a minister's faux pas, but a war of words brews as politicians manoeuver, manipulate and deceive each other before a UN vote on military action Veep (since 2012) The people Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) meets after becoming vice president are everything she was warned about.
Margins of about 4 m were left on both sides of each main plot for the tractor to manoeuver without entering into an adjacent plot.
A large number of people carrying national flags watched the show with enthusiasm and kept on chanting patriotic slogans and cheering every manoeuver.
Flying the BAE Hawk aircraft the team did barrel rolls, bomb burst, besides their signature manoeuver of forming the Saudi government logo of a palm tree with two swords.
The best part is that in strong currents the Falcon can manoeuver with precision and remain steady on task, whilst also fitted with a variety of tooling, cameras and sonar equipment.
Download Hariri, ministers oversee "disaster plan" manoeuver in Hermel NNA - The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri interrupted for a while the cabinet session held at the Grand Serail and headed with a number of ministers to the operations hall, to follow up through television screens connected to the Bekaa mohafazat a live maneuver for the "disaster and crisis plan for Baalbek-Hermel" in coordination with the mohafez, Bachir Khodr.
Macron, who inherits a much depreciated office, will soon discover how little room to manoeuver he will have in that position " and all the more so because he will also be the hostage of the disparate troupe that got him there.
Southeast Asia above all abhors the lack of multiple choices that provide room for manoeuver and strategic autonomy--and this is no less the case on economics than on security.
The questionnaire collected data on the following variables: 1) age, 2) dominant leg, 3) side of the injured knee, 4) type of surface, 5) type of spikes, 6) position, 7) involvement of body contact, 8) game or practice, 9) playing area, 10) ofense or defense, 11) involvement of the ball, 12) playing type (dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting, heading, sliding, clearing, pressing, or loose ball, and goalkeeper or other player), 13) manoeuver, and 14) playing intensity (Figure 1).
Hence the large margin of manoeuver peculiar to offset agreements.
The next day, Domenico Scala, chairman of FIFA's Audit and Compliance Committee, resigned in protest at a stealth manoeuver by the Council (formerly the ExCo) to undermine substantially the independence of its Audit and Compliance and Governance Committees.
Voluntary or but forced deviation and total reflexive gaze paresis is not present (Oculocephalic) eye 2 = Forced deviation, or total movements will be gaze paresis not overcome by the scored, but caloric oculocephalic manoeuver testing is not done.