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a diuretic (trade name Osmitrol) used to promote the excretion of urine

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In the clinical setting in neurosurgical operating theaters, it is to expect that a combination of a colloid infusion and mannitol could be administered.
This study designed with the purpose of obtaining the above-mentioned scientific data, was aimed to compare the effects of conivaptan and mannitol treatments on the post-ischemic brain injury and BE in the acute phase.
In summary, this new protocol for MR rectography, which using isosmotic mannitol instead of US gel to distend bowel lumen after bowel cleansing, has shown to be a feasible method to improve image quality and lesion depictures of RC through eliminating an effect of gas and feces.
Drug development company SPI Pharma disclosed on Monday the launch of the Mannogem XL mannitol in the international pharmaceutical market.
If further measures are needed, fluid resuscitate the patient before administering mannitol. Use hyperventilation in hypovolaemic patients until mannitol can be given.
According to the univariate analysis, male gender, seizures before intubation, use of mannitol, and enteral feeding above 20 kcal x [kg.sup.-1] x [day.sup.-1] before day 7 showed significant difference between patients with or without EOVAP (Table 1).
To simulate water stress in the laboratory, different chemical compounds have been used, particularly polyethylene glycol (PEG 6000) and mannitol (Pereira et al., 2012).
Freeze Dried Mannitol. However, SD process has some disadvantages, for example, reduced crystallinity for SD products, being not appropriate for material prone to mechanical shear (e.g., proteins, peptides, and hormones), and being not appropriate for materials that are unsteady for liquid-air interface or decayed by oxidation and poor process yield [55].
After an overnight fast, 25 g of Dxylose was administered in 250 mL of water, and a mixture of lactulose (5g) and mannitol (1g) was administered in 250 mL of water.
MilliporeSigma's Parteck M DPI for dry powder inhalation (DPI) is a new grade of mannitol designed to improve flow and release characteristics of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in drugs delivered via dry, inhaled powders.
There was a significant difference in surgeon satisfaction with the use of mannitol as a bladder distention medium during intraoperative cystoscopy compared with normal saline infusion, oral phenazopyridine, or intravenous sodium fluorescein in an unblinded randomized trial of 130 women who underwent gynecologic surgery at a single institution.
The objective of this study was, therefore, to find out the effect of multiple stresses (salt, mannitol, drought and methyl jasmonate) on the fruit quality of tomato, looking at the content of lycopene, beta-carotene, sucrose and total phenolics.
Medical management mainly involves osmotic agents (glycerol, mannitol), diuretics, and corticosteroids to reduce raised ICP.
Sugar alcohols rarely cause hypersensitivity reactions, although there have been reports of reactions to mannitol [1-4] and erythritol [5].