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Synonyms for mannikin

a person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal

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a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

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Still other supernatural assistance takes inanimate form (Spindle, Shuttle and Needle; Mannikin Spanalong; and Old Verlooka) .
Rohwer 1978) are convinced that successful copulations in birds require the cooperation of the female, but Morris (1957) reported that in Bronze Mannikins (Lonchura cucullata), cloacal contact by males when females were uncooperative apparently was fairly easy on the ground but not on perches.
Laura Ellis finished first in the overall points table after gold in the line throw, silver in the super lifesaver and bronze in the mannikin relay.
I remember a flower, a kite, a mannikin playing the guitar, a yellow fish eating a bird, a truck floating in urine, a rat carrying a banjo, a fool counting the cards, a monkey praying, a procession of whales, and far off two children eating rice, speaking French-I'm sure of the children, their damp flutes, the long line of their vowels.
The mannikin can simulate a wide range of life-like human reactions including crying, convulsions, fever, hypertension, vomiting, bleeding and cardiac arrest.
Regardless of training history, participants using the audio recording on their phone performed significantly better CPR on a mannikin compared with participants without the phone.
In the mannikin models simulating normal and difficult airways, there was an increase in first time intubation rate as well as lower incidence of oesophageal intubations with the Airtraq compared with a standard laryngoscope, demonstrating rapid acquisition of skills (61,62).
It is not stuffing an animal's skin, not modern taxidermy, anyway, but stretching it around a mannikin made of Styrofoam and wood.
I've fumbled right to the bottom of my sack for the wee laddie lost in Europe for a life-size copy of the Brussels Mannikin - the little boy peeing - to grace a corner in Mandy's office.