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Synonyms for mannered

Synonyms for mannered

artificially genteel

Words related to mannered

having unnatural mannerisms

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You don't have good music, you can't speak English, you are local, you stay far from town and you brand a BIG MAN nominated in MAMA MTV Awards with great music like 'Go MAMA' ill mannered.
An example of thoughtless, bad mannered drivers ignorant of the road markings can be found daily at the junction of Linden Road and Sycamore Road, Bournville.
The mannered prose and difficult vocabulary ("miasma," "leifer") recommend this to more sophisticated readers, who can appreciate the bitter irony of Octavian's treatment, the sly humor, and the hypocrisy of the concept of "liberty" in a culture that keeps slaves.
It traces a path from a mannered 'Tropical Modernism' to a highly personal synthesis of Modernist principles with the indigenous culture, materials and environmental techniques of Sri Lanka.
The eighteen-member corps and three principal couples moved from courtly, mannered formality to fairly unbridled expressiveness in three well-defined sections set to excerpts from Jean-Philippe Rameau's operas Zais and Nais.
The author's insistence on tension and ambivalence produces a severely antithetical style that at times seems mannered.
FOUR people have been arrested after the murder of a "mild mannered loner" in his flat, police revealed yesterday.
The over-50s are more mannered and law abiding than those aged 17-49.
Dressed in black jacket and pants, she assumed the mannered cadence of a poet, showing slides and interrogating her work, her viewers, and herself.
Eunsun Jun and Dragos Michalcea of South Korea's Universal Ballet danced a highly mannered Black Swan pas de deux, while Ji-young Kim and Wonkook Lee of the Korean National Ballet offered a commanding Don Quixote pas de deux.
The Movie" follows the adventures of mild mannered high school student Yugi Muto, who becomes a seemingly invincible hero when he plays his favorite card game.
I found them both to be very polite, well mannered and very helpful.
This allegory about alienated young people who love their firearms to death is so mannered and pretentious that any worthwhile insights it may possess end up shot full of holes.
The play is a tame affair, but Reg Rogers is entertaining if mannered as crazy Langley, and Peter Frechette as Homer gives a subtle, radiant performance under the direction of David Warren.
Yet this isn't an age thing - I know bad mannered pensioners and well mannered children