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Everything is distant but it's a manner of speaking I don't have a universal standard to measure closeness and remoteness the blessed slip away behind clouds or deaths the blasted set sail or smile with the impunity born of bitternes everything is close but it's a manner of speaking
In a manner of speaking, Gazprom and Verbundnetz Gas are the originators of the Russian-German energy dialogue.
I hear peace has broken out, in a manner of speaking, after Mackay's supporters spoke up for him at a board meeting on Monday.
It was just a manner of speaking," Ecelik remarked.
We have, in a manner of speaking, reached a saturation point and further growth is possible only when we increase our capacity on the Middle East routes," Joseph added.
One new iPhone app gives you powers, of sorts - it allows you to spy on people through solid walls, in a manner of speaking.
It was a surprise, in a manner of speaking, as Rooney hasn't been in his best form since the succession of ankle injuries he suffered a little less than a year back.
Karzai turned to him in his disarmingly gentle manner of speaking.
In a manner of speaking, this book does just that, with Maguire's text offering context and background and tying together some themes in a wide-ranging selection of Sendack's art.
Spatial frequencies" are, in a manner of speaking, the elements that make up any given image.
In a manner of speaking, these tiny nano-particles may well be the smallest heroes in all the world.
Which, in a manner of speaking, it probably once was, the dozy so-and-so.
The best teams don't need one and the less good teams have, in a manner of speaking, already got one.
lt;/pre> <p>or, as in another short poem:</p> <pre> His hand was raised and (and then) in a manner of speaking and (and then) he put his foot in his mouth.
The manner of speaking is both one, so that in a thousand places thou needest not but to translate it into the English word for word" (Daniell 290) rather than becoming involved in the flexible Latin word order.