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Synonyms for mannequin



Synonyms for mannequin

a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

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Mumbai, June 7 ( ANI ): The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has endorsed a controversial plan to ban mannequins displaying lingerie, annoying most shopkeepers and businesses involved in such trades.
John Jenkins is the page boy on the left of this picture of a mannequin parade at Howells just after World War II
The mannequin was mounted 20ft up on the wall of the fancy dress shop on Kings Road, North Ormesby, which only opened three weeks ago and does not yet have a name.
Talbot watches as the leg of a mannequin comes out of the window of a car during a demonstration of what happens to passengers who are not belted in.
A mannequin has to have personality and has to sell the clothes.
Enter Officer Manny, a mannequin in a police uniform who wears shades while seated in a parked cruiser for assignment.
r] and c become test conditions for the mannequin (See Table 1).
They're hardly Victoria's Secret models, but well-endowed mannequins in lingerie shop display windows along Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana have aroused the triple-D-size wrath of residents who have taken their complaints to City Hall.
BRING a touch of spring into the boudoir with this fresh, floral clothes mannequin.
The mannequin was standing in Azza Fahmy's Zamalek branch, a relatively new outlet but one that nevertheless, always warrants a peek through the windows and a few minutes inside when passing by, particularly this year.
In doing so, his actions created what must have been an obvious danger to any body else by hanging that mannequin over the road.
In the mannequin situation, an experimenter simultaneously touched the participant's belly and the mannequin's belly with separate probes.
A mannequin perched on the toilet is at the centre of this year's Turner Prize exhibition.
WASHINGTON -- Several of the Army's latest techno training tools were displayed on Capitol Hill, including a lifesize medical mannequin that can blink, tear, salivate, and even show allergic reactions; and a real-time language translator soldiers wear on their wrist that will speak for them.
If I was passing by with my family and saw something displayed vulgarly on a mannequin, we would all find the situation awkward and embarrassing," said Al-Shehri.