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A nation meeting all three criteria is labeled a currency manipulator, but the treasury said no nation did this during the four quarters ending June this year.
Do you think that Chyna is a bully and manipulator like Jones claims?
Treasury hasn't declared China a currency manipulator since 1994.
For example, according to the characteristics of memory, the important display and manipulator, which would be frequently observed and manipulated, should be arranged in the convenient range for observation and comfortable range for manipulation.
An efficient algorithm for identification of robot parameters including drive characteristics is applied on 4-DOF SCARA manipulator in [9].
Due to some superior capacities, such as high accuracy, high stiffness, and high load-carrying [1], manipulator systems have been widely used in robots [2], parallels [3], and mechanical systems [4].
The automated manipulator (autooperator) is designed to work with special attached instruments for transferring products between technological positions in the galvanic lines for plating aluminum parts.
firm known for its cleanups of contaminated nuclear materials is building a robotic manipulator to fix a leak at the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi power generation complex in Japan.
The new Liftronic Easy05 industrial manipulator is part of the Indeva Liftronic Air series of manipulators.
According to the report, defeated US presidential candidate Mitt Romney had said he would have branded China a currency manipulator on his first day in office.
The unit's capacity rating also allows it to mount and dismount outside as well as inside duals without repositioning the tire manipulator truck.
com)-- Geotest has expanded the capabilities of the TS-900 platform with the addition of a new manipulator option and automated handler compatible receiver.
In traditional form of manipulation problems, the main goal is to grasp an object using an articulated hand (usually with fingers) attached to a manipulator and then manipulate it with the corresponding manipulator.
In this paper an INNC has been designed, trained, implemented and tested practically to control the operation of the MA2000 robotic manipulator.