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skillful in influencing or controlling others to your own advantage

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But the manipulativeness of Gold is as outright as Zoe's desire to back-stab her best friend.
On the whole, such people are characterised by stylistic peculiarities in their everyday activity (sluggishness, lack of self-organization, unmethodical activity, lack of interest in new experiences) and in intrapersonal relationships (cold and calculating in relationships, insincerity and manipulativeness, formality and aloofness), and also a lack of a feeling of happiness, with poor well-being and a lack of positive emotions.
Although the forming of interpersonal relationships is a universal phenomenon, the degree of manipulativeness associated with interpersonal relationships can vary with culture.
lt;span style="mso-ansi-language: EN;" lang="EN">&bull;cunning and manipulativeness </span>
Over the longer term, his manipulativeness may take a different form: Periods of abuse are usually interspersed with times of relative calm, during which the batterer may be loving or friendly, with shows of generosity or flexibility, in an attempt to regain his partner's trust and to create the hope that he has changed.
At a time when narcissism seems so rampant, it is a bit befuddling to many of us that the American Psychiatric Association is preparing to remove it as a discrete personality disorder from the upcoming diagnostic manual and replace it with four separate traits to be identified for attention under a general umbrella of personality disorder, narcissism, manipulativeness, callousness, and histrionism.
These reported responses included quite minor shifts in interpersonal behaviour such as becoming more serious or reserved interpersonally, a growing cynicism towards people or a tendency to generally see manipulativeness in people's motives and behaviour.
What distinguishes one biography from another is the number of "warts" that biographers want us to see on Akhmatova's canonical face (such as her manipulativeness, her anxiety about her international reputation, her allegedly doomed lesbian relationships, her "heavy" drinking in Tashkent during the war, etc.
In this view, women 'oppose male strength through manipulativeness and beauty', and so a drag persona combines glamour with manipulation 'that has a hostile and distinctly nasty manifestation: bitchiness' (Newton, 127).
Yet none of the American stars had Leigh's cool beauty and intensity which, combined with a childlike vulnerability, a sense of deep rage when crossed and the prettiest mouth in the world, would make her performance unique - that, and a frighteningly eerie manipulativeness, things which finally got her the role.
This portrayal, bolstered by sloppy social science, soon skewed dramatically to the negative, with selflessness and toughness morphing into infantilization (usually emasculation) and manipulativeness.
Characteristics such as impulsivity, indifference about the feelings of others, dishonesty, manipulativeness, suspicion, feelings of aggression and a desire to harm others were included here.
Co-occurrence of depressive moods and delinquency in early adolescence: The role of failure expectations, manipulativeness, and social contexts.
Without it, Right could be harsh and antiseptic and perhaps even selfish; it could shade quite easily into manipulativeness, a crime against valuing individual choice.
Keywords: machiavellianism, personality, primary psychopath, affective poverty, lack of remorse, guilt, manipulativeness.