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skillful in influencing or controlling others to your own advantage

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Moreover, we know that the deficit has been manipulatively changed based on Goldman-Sachs legal help.
Even were a grand project for social ordering to be brought to successful fruition, rarely a likely result, it would bear the onus of treating people manipulatively.
Even the demographic census conducted and released by the government recently was manipulatively interpreted to create a chasm between the minority and majority.
But because of the inevitable injustices found everywhere throughout history, references to colonialism have been used manipulatively -as Prime Minister John Key likes to do, to defend his high-handed decision to force a cash-strapped economy to pay up to (what will eventually be many times more than) a $26 million estimate to change the New Zealand fag--because he personally wants this.
It is a sad, tragic fact that Einstein's name today has been hijacked, misappropriated, and misused in the said way by the throngs of aggressively narrow-minded and self-promoting scientific imitators and popularizers (and "launderers" of shallow scientific outputs, opinions, and hypernarrations) the world over: they typically and consensually announce a plethora of trivial toy models of physics and the Universe and (by the blind forces of "status quo" consisting of greedy and petty power grabbers, false opinion manufacturers, and all their stooges) often force and entrench them as prevailing dogmas while hiding rather cowardly and manipulatively behind Einstein's stature.
These actors manipulatively use modernist legality to pursue the process of subordination and dehumanisation of the human being.
In his successful, if manipulatively racist, bid for re-election, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch.
The woman manipulatively asks her companion, 'Do you love me enough to wear it now?
Anatolia is accused of registering fake results to their system to manipulatively show Erdoy-an in the lead and then gradually decreasing the rates in later hours to draw them in line with the actual results.
The film fails its own liberal good intentions when it relies on the racist trope of this pretty white girl's sexual subjugation by a black brute to quickly and manipulatively develop a sense of tragedy about the cocaine world system.
Such strategies, sometimes manipulatively applied by nation-states, could be instrumental in conveying nationalistic ideologies and demarcating borders between ethnolinguistic groups.
patentees with strong bargaining power manipulatively use injunction
When analyzing the attacks through a lens of criminality, it appears that Belmokhtar is a savvy businessman who manipulatively leverages purported jihadist ideology to inspire supporters and solicit ransom payments by governments and private organizations.
While mission invites people into life-giving relationship with and through Christ, it is not done manipulatively or by force.
It is used manipulatively by real estate agents to suggest an olden-times community, but, I would think, most people would know the neighbourhood more as Bloor West Village than Swansea.