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exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage


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the action of touching with the hands (or the skillful use of the hands) or by the use of mechanical means


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He knew what Cornelius meant when heating certain grains, then moistening them, then combining them with others by a sort of grafting, -- a minute and marvellously delicate manipulation, -- and when he shut up in darkness those which were expected to furnish the black colour, exposed to the sun or to the lamp those which were to produce red, and placed between the endless reflections of two water-mirrors those intended for white, the pure representation of the limpid element.
Turn his head as he would, ever Ben Bolt received the bite of the whip on his fearfully bruised nose; for Mulcachy was as expert as a stage-driver in his manipulation of the whip, and unerringly the lash snapped and cracked and stung Ben Bolt's nose wherever Ben Bolt at the moment might have it.
At so much a week, they had engaged the services of a young man (pers onally known to Benjamin), who was employed in a laboratory under a professor of chemistry, and who had distinguished himself by his skillful manipulation of paper in a recent case of forgery on a well-known London firm.
Wall Street--so named from a street in ancient New York, where was situated the stock exchange, and where the irrational organization of society permitted underhanded manipulation of all the industries of the country.
In fact," continued Barbicane, "cast iron costs ten times less than bronze; it is easy to cast, it runs readily from the moulds of sand, it is easy of manipulation, it is at once economical of money and of time.
I am strengthened in this conviction by a remarkable statement repeatedly made by Gartner, namely, that if even the less fertile hybrids be artificially fertilised with hybrid pollen of the same kind, their fertility, notwithstanding the frequent ill effects of manipulation, sometimes decidedly increases, and goes on increasing.
I know that the sunlight can be made to lie too, yet one felt that no manipulation of light and pose could have conveyed the delicate shade of truthfulness upon those features.
Practice has made me remarkably skilful in its manipulation.
There is a forceps for turning keys from the wrong side of the door, but the implement is not so easy of manipulation as it might be.
NDP demanded purification of the electoral list which will the prevent manipulations of ruling parties in the election process, and will create equal conditions in the electoral race, which was a "bone of contention" in the past.
one(TM) scientists simulate physical and chemical manipulations using household tools or experienced abuser's techniques including crushing, dissolution, syringe-ability, purification of active ingredients, smoke-ability, and dose dumping.
Three of the UK's largest banks are to pay compensation to clients for foreign exchange manipulations.
These two components correspond to two types of handling - Manipulation 1- Manipulation 2this market is therefore to carry out two manipulations educational nature-themed ceramology
There is no relation between the timing or number of spinal manipulations and the presentation of associated symptoms.
External manipulation devices--industrial robots, realize manipulations by workpiece in today flexible systems.