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exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage


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the action of touching with the hands (or the skillful use of the hands) or by the use of mechanical means


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Wall Street--so named from a street in ancient New York, where was situated the stock exchange, and where the irrational organization of society permitted underhanded manipulation of all the industries of the country.
Practice has made me remarkably skilful in its manipulation.
When you left, three miles of the London, Canterbury and Dover were ready for the rails, and also ready and ripe for manipulation in the stock-market.
Less so, and probably far more extensive, were the operations of those mediaeval practitioners who made dwarfs and beggar-cripples, show-monsters,--some vestiges of whose art still remain in the preliminary manipulation of the young mountebank or contortionist.
Turn his head as he would, ever Ben Bolt received the bite of the whip on his fearfully bruised nose; for Mulcachy was as expert as a stage-driver in his manipulation of the whip, and unerringly the lash snapped and cracked and stung Ben Bolt's nose wherever Ben Bolt at the moment might have it.
There is a forceps for turning keys from the wrong side of the door, but the implement is not so easy of manipulation as it might be.
Was it possible that in this age of ingenious manipulation photographs could be accepted as evidence?
I know that the sunlight can be made to lie too, yet one felt that no manipulation of light and pose could have conveyed the delicate shade of truthfulness upon those features.
Totally disregarding the business of the stage, he leaned from his box and began attentively scrutinizing the beauty of each pretty woman, aided by a powerful opera-glass; but, alas, this attempt to attract notice wholly failed; not even curiosity had been excited, and it was but too apparent that the lovely creatures, into whose good graces he was desirous of stealing, were all so much engrossed with themselves, their lovers, or their own thoughts, that they had not so much as noticed him or the manipulation of his glass.
It's possible to find anecdotes of harm to the spinal cord from improper manipulations, but these are rare and almost never involve the lower spine.
The main method used in this paper is a method of personal and collective experience in collecting data on manipulations, analysis, synthesis, insight and reasoning.
Even though banks accused of forex manipulations settled with regulators, private investors have been suing the banks for losses they incurred because of the actions of the banks.
14) Although Congress granted FERC broad authority to proscribe all forms of manipulation, the rule is crafted specifically to proscribe only fraudulent manipulations.
He covers physics in ultrasonic micro/nano manipulations; the ultrasonic trapping of micro solids; the ultrasonic extraction, driving, and removal of micro solids; ultrasonic manipulations of nanoscale entities; and ultrasonic microfluidic manipulation.
Contract notice: Realization of two manipulations educational nature