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easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)

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In doing so, he reveals a twentieth century construction of emotions as discrete, manipulable, and divorced from any social or cultural context.
Furniture and fittings as well as play and manipulable material for StEndt.
The data are derived from varying sensors, compiled in separate databases, and not accessible and manipulable by any single application.
A disposal-bag system for an object, comprising: a pod container attached to an object, having a bottom sheet and a top sheet attached together and defining an internal cavity, and having an open-able closure manipulable from a closed state to an opened state.
adding computer vision and image recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable.
Until we reach the point in our "democratization" where the more easily manipulable subsidized urban mobs of Washington, L.
8 reported as saying: "These numbers are extremely manipulable.
They provide a starting point for a more systematic approach to understanding: (a) the use of information uncertainty in information analysis and decision making, and (b) the usability of uncertainty representation methods and manipulable interlaces for using those representations.
He then sought to distance himself from the briefs he filed as deputy solicitor general, saying he was arguing on behalf of an administration that believed the Lemon test to be "too manipulable, not determinative, and in some senses, inconsistent with the understanding of the framers.
1) Still, the image of an automaton carries unsettling implications of a mechanical, manipulable, and, at worst, potentially deceptive capacity in historicist study.
So it has to rise up to a level of generality which necessarily makes it ambiguous--and manipulable.
Once we understand those manipulable policies about which our data can actually be informative, empirical research may enrich and elucidate policy debates.
Last August, Israeli scientists announced that they'd managed to develop manipulable nano-wires, tiny organic tools they could use to rearrange atoms and conduct electricity over microscopic spaces, a breakthrough a leading MIT nanotechnologist admitted American researchers had been chasing "for many years" In September, Japanese scientists announced that they would soon be able to use nano-engineering to build a computer chip 30 times more powerful than Intel's best.
156) As such, they presumably bear primary blame for the exploitation of children's manipulable preferences.
One can see how this line of argument might have some traction: many Derrideans, for example, do tend to reduce social life to the interaction of poetically manipulable signs and marks that have no fixed mooring in the Enlightenment goods that Hicks champions.