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the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the hands

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2002) (discussing the manipulability of a variety of real-market
Chris clearly adapted her exploratory procedures to these manipulability characteristics, which supports the outcomes of other studies (Lederman & Klatzky, 1987; Schellingerhout et al.
The elasticity of the concept and its easy manipulability renders it an improper basis for state intervention.
The deputy dubbed Miqati-led government "a cabinet of protagonists rather than that of a uniform team" He cited the tactical understanding reached between general Aoun and Speaker Berri as further proof on its manipulability by an external maestro.
Stakeholders thus would be better equipped to examine the relative inluence of different variables both in terms of effect and relative manipulability, allowing communities to avoid making planning decisions that might seem to lead to socio-ecological improvement but to comparatively little net effect.
Furthermore, the manipulability of the standard opens the Court to criticism that the implied right is or is not applied in accordance with the moral preferences of the justices, rather than well-reasoned and well-grounded doctrine.
Described by Romney as being rare, in 'the CGI age', in its 'awareness of the complexity of meaning that accompanies' the 'new manipulability of images', (40) the film can be seen to flag its ontological concerns during its opening ferry scene, which is in part played out before a computer-generated version of 'unconvincing' back projection.
Economides may risk accusations of naive idealism, not to mention obliviousness to the manipulability of photography.
Michael Chaney discusses Ho Che Anderson's use of photography in his graphic biography King in a way that can be useful for understanding Baker's use of Gray: "In borrowing from this [photographic] archive, Ho Che Anderson fundamentally asserts the fungibility of image repertoires, capitalizing on their semantic manipulability to augment the generic expectations of biography and the graphic novel form, which seamlessly makes a routine out of the juxtaposition of images and the multidimensionality of their meanings" (Chaney 2007, 188).
Sedgwick identifies two results of the masculine double bind: "[f]irst, the acute manipulability, through the fear of one's own homosexuality, of acculturated men; and second, a reservoir of potential for violence caused by the self-ignorance that this regime constitutively enforces.
Sedgwick notes further, "The result of men's accession to this double bind [of homosocial desire] is, first, the acute manipulability, through the fear of one's own 'homosexuality,' of acculturated men; and second, a reservoir of potential for violence caused by the self-ignorance that this regime constitutively enforces" (186).
While near singularity configurations robot's mobility is greatly reduced (small velocities in the operational space will generate very large velocities in joint space), Yoshikawa's manipulability model was used to determine if the robot arm is close to a singularity situation, defined as:
Some documents are more useful in an electronic form due to enhanced searchability and manipulability.
15) Promoters of CBA support analytical requirements for regulators that presuppose simplicity, predictability, and manipulability in the environment.
He also emphasizes the manipulability of sales and capital in the case