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Synonyms for manikin

a person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal

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a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

References in classic literature ?
I warn you for the last time, that if I hear a single bell, you will take the place of the manikin.
No hope was left for him, accordingly, unless it were the slight chance of succeeding in the formidable operation which was imposed upon him; he decided to risk it, but it was not without first having addressed a fervent prayer to the manikin he was about to plunder, and who would have been easier to move to pity than the vagabonds.
Perceiving that no respite, nor reprieve, nor subterfuge was possible, he bravely decided upon his course of action; he wound his right foot round his left leg, raised himself on his left foot, and stretched out his arm: but at the moment when his hand touched the manikin, his body, which was now supported upon one leg only, wavered on the stool which had but three; he made an involuntary effort to support himself by the manikin, lost his balance, and fell heavily to the ground, deafened by the fatal vibration of the thousand bells of the manikin, which, yielding to the impulse imparted by his hand, described first a rotary motion, and then swayed majestically between the two posts.
They had already detached the manikin to make room for him.
On her first day, she found herself in a classroom with a high-fidelity simulation manikin still in the box.
The first alliance offering, which will be introduced to the market this spring, will integrate DocuCare, a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) learning tool from LWW with Laerdal's suite of manikin simulation offerings.
Caregivers must hold the key in the manikin for several minutes depending on the "care" demanded.
Thus he uses The Straw Manikin, 1791-92, as an image through which to explicate a drawing, What Cruelty, begun in 1808, showing a man being tortured: "Like the Straw Manikin that once served as a toy for girls to throw in the air, this figure is now being tested by unseen torturers, to see how many fractures and distortions the apparently automatic piece of apparatus can inflict on the human anatomy.
The plastic simulation manikin also can make coughing and moaning sounds, simulate a pulse and mimic breathing with the rise and fall of its chest.
Whether the offender was a streaker or a manikin ( spelt as reported, a new word to me?
Each set includes a For Dummies instruction book and title-specific art supplies, such as paints, brushes, charcoal drawing pencils, color pencils, a project surface, manikin and palette knife.
An advanced life-support 'casualty' manikin costs R140 000, while the price tag for a programmable, wireless 'theatre' manikin is close to R1 million--'we wouldn't let third-years near him', quips Weiss.
Carroll, currently undefeated in the 100m manikin carry and 100m manikin tow, also medalled in every event.
The slim tapered narrow back design provides precise lap positioning of the manikin head and allows easy access to the oral cavity.