manifold paper

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a lightweight paper used with carbon paper to make multiple copies


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Tenders are invited for Procurement of Different Types of Papers, Straw Boards, Pulp Boards, Manifold Paper etc
Tenders are invited for Supply of white manifold paper
2nd copy 30 gsm glazed manifold paper embossed with monogram 'barc' monogram in 1/2' size letter on top of the book, book, exercise, ruled of 200 pages made out of 60 gsm paper, register, ruled 2 quire made out of creamwoven paper of 60 gsm paperof 96 pages, writing pad ruled (both sides) made out of 80 gsm smooth writing paper
Tenders are invited for 29/32 gsm white manifold paper
150 GSM), LED type tube light for passenger saloon, LED type tube light for destination box, Hooter (Auto Visual Alarm), Auto Wire and Cable,29/32 GSM White Manifold Paper, M.