manifest destiny

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a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)

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Let the youths rise and fulfil their manifest destiny.
Readers are reacquainted with intrepid American legends like Lewis and Clark, yet, at the same time, are reminded that the Manifest Destiny of a nascent empire cost other people their homeland and freedom.
Later in the set, the bluesy rockers brought us the brooding and poignant Manifest Destiny Part 1, which tells the story of the injustice the Native Americans received when their lands we're bought from them.
The Mexican-American War lays out a fascinating narrative of manifest destiny and western expansion.
He really hammered home the concept of Manifest Destiny - the 19th century belief that America's westward movement was inexorable; that American expansionism was simply "destined" to happen, or so the era's politicians and influencers believed.
In the end, the war had a tremendous impact on American history and culture, fulfilling the belief in Manifest Destiny but adding greatly to the tensions that ultimately brought about the Civil War.
History as a social science should not manifest destiny one should be very clear that the humans were behind the various events, he added.
The arrogant belief in Manifest Destiny meant that white men saw it as their right to take everything in their path.
The speech anticipated some of the themes of his presidency: American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, immigration and the responsibilities of citizenship.
The exhibit includes work by a variety of artists, and it explores such topics as mass migration, displacement, manifest destiny, popular histories and regional identity.
Today, we follow in those trail blazers' footsteps eschewing that same Manifest Destiny philosophy that prosperity is within our reach.
Past futures also appear when Levine dissects a second trope: the historical certitude that Manifest Destiny was a racialized product of the imperialism of 'whiteness.
He even tackles the issue of manifest destiny and the degree to which it affected the pioneer missionaries.
Mos Def, his brother and sister release the album Manifest Destiny under the name Urban Thermo Dynamics.
We owe the way we know the world to school-masters droning over the map of the day, blurbing stories of how empty space gets magically replaced with god's country, experts slurping fables into tables that don't chart our manifest destiny, newsreaders gleaming stars and dirty laundry in high deaf digitalis instead of clean scoops on the freedempire, streaming a banter of body counts that don't add up instead of countdowns to the last twilight.