manic disorder

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Based on the history and examination a differential diagnosis of chronic mania and organic manic disorder was considered and a battery of laboratory examinations were ordered.
Successful treatment of SLE related mania with oxcarbazepine in our patient brings another therapeutic option to those patients with manic disorder, although controlled studies would be necessary to confirm this observation.
Lithium can normalize the manic disorder without causing the drugged feeling that often occurs with tranquilizers.
What is shocking is that mental illnesses such as manic disorders were deemed to be more female in nature and hence amenable to radical solutions such as hysterectomies and even some forms of genital mutilation.
According to Dr Haweel, there is a relationship between mental illness and crimes such as suicidal and self-harming behaviour in patients with depression, delusion of infidelity and violence against women, reckless and dangerous driving and manic disorders.