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a tropical tree or shrub bearing fruit that germinates while still on the tree and having numerous prop roots that eventually form an impenetrable mass and are important in land building

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Shrimp farms in Thailand are doing fine; they've overcome white spot disease, and even defused the mangrove swamp issue.
Shrimp farmers, meanwhile, are under attack for wiping out Thai mangrove swamps.
Among the risk factors cited by UNEP'S Daniel Claasen was "the clearing of mangrove swamps and the destruction of reefs." The loss of wave-buffering mangroves, Classen noted, has placed coastal residents "at greater risk from floods and storm surge."
Yesterday, rescuers in small boats fished bodies out of Sissano lagoon, many tangled in the nearby mangrove swamps. Others ventured out to sea to find more bodies.
A ROYAL Navy helicopter crew chased drug smugglers through Caribbean cays and mangrove swamps in a "James Bond-style" operation which netted cocaine with an estimated street value of up to pounds 80m.
Fossils found nearby indicate that the four-legged behemoth roamed through shallow mangrove swamps similar to those found today along the western edge of Florida's Everglades.
``From the border of India to the borders of Thailand we fought a ferocious, tough war, conquering jungle covered mountains, rampant diseases, climate, mangrove swamps, wide rivers, and a stubborn, tough enemy.
The pair meet in London, run away together to New York, and proceed through break-ups and make-ups to the fictional town of Port Mungo in the sweltering mangrove swamps of Honduras.
A NUNEATON man whose wife died of cancer is to hike through rainforests, mangrove swamps and coffee plantations to raise money in her memory.
But impassible mangrove swamps and tropical downpours hold up their work and make it appear increasingly unlikely that they will accomplish their task in the allotted three days.
The Irrawaddy is characterised by a number of rivers flowing out into a large delta supporting rich fertile land, mangrove swamps and tidal estuaries that empty into the Andaman Sea.
It is hoped that the move will restore mangrove swamps to the area once it is cleaned up, said Mr Al Kalali.
The two remaining Abu Sayyaf members hiding in mangrove swamps on Pangangan Island here are still nowhere to be found, a police official said.
'There is no compromise on this as I have given my assurance during the last state assembly to protect Penang's mangrove swamps from illegal clearing work,' he said.
The team hopes to interview witnesses and venture deep into the mangrove swamps on the trail of the beast.