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beet with a large yellowish root

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Mangold is a veteran of star-led but naturalistic character-driven dramas ("Walk the Line," ''Cop Land").
It earned more than USD 600 million worldwide as a bleak, R-rated superhero film, but while that success was heartening, Mangold fears a future in which Disney would never allow such a film to be made because of merchandising concerns.
Museum director Josef Mangold says he also wanted to use the marketplace to show how that reconstruction process took place: next to the Watteler pub, you can see the original barn doors of the old farmhouse the tavern took over.
I have known Dave Mangold personally and professionally for more than 20 years.
Despite competing head-on in the Mangold Cup -- which Felgenhauer has won three times -- Felgenhauer and Mangold will be working together to combine their skills and passions for sailing in order to attain the best possible result for 2016 EFG Sailing Arabia -- The Tour.
Post 9/11, Mangold led a Government - Industry team supporting the Joint Counterterrorism Task Force.
Of course, a script is just a blueprint, and it's still up to Mangold and his team to pull it off.
In turn, Mangold noted "a great interest of German business circles and in particular of his company, to consolidate positions in the promising Turkmen market as well as active participation in the on-going large scale projects in the country.
To put it simply, Plimack Mangold does not draw and paint trees.
11 June 2012 - Swedish financial advisory services provider Mangold Fondkommission AB and Avanza Bank AB have been appointed to help XCounter (STO:XCT) sell 400,000 new shares worth up to EUR1m (USD1.
Mangold Award is more than NEHAs highest honor--it is also a recognition of the outstanding contributions environmental health professionals make to public health and safety.
Unless he goes down like Dan Koppen or is out like Nick Mangold.
Cast: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis Direction: James Mangold
Lorraine Mangold, from Brandon, South Dakota, received a phone call from the Donegal crooner two days after her daughters saw him perform in concert.
After his military commitment, Mangold began his full-time clinical practice in the emergency room of San Leandro Memorial Hospital.