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Synonyms for mangel-wurzel

beet with a large yellowish root

cultivated as feed for livestock

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Mangel-Wurzel, who appeared in court as Thomas Occupier and represented himself in court, cross-examined Mrs Henderson about the incident - but more specifically her decision to have him prosecuted.
Mangel-Wurzel, who used photos of his dog playing with children in evidence, also described her dog as a 'wimp' and a 'chicken' and his dog as 'playful', 'friendly' and 'athletic.'.
The judge, along with two magistrates, upheld the conviction and ordered Mangel-Wurzel to pay PS150 in costs - bringing the overall total he has to pay for the case up to PS1,100.
Jake Mangel-Wurzel, chained to his folly in Huddersfield, takes time out to read The Examiner
Jake Mangel-Wurzel and film director Michelle |Heighway.
Jake Mangel-Wurzel, who is about to hit the big screen |in a new documentary Mr Somebody
SINCE he began his new lifestyle 32 years ago and adopted a new identity, Jake Mangel-Wurzel has been a constant source of annoyance to many people.
Jake, who is also widely known by the surname Mangel-Wurzel, spotted the car at Brockholes Road with a for sale sign in the window.
The successful applicants will grow their own root vegetables, mangel-wurzels - now used as cattle feed but eaten by 19th century workers.
She misses life in bygone days so much she'd happily eat mangel-wurzels and wash outside.
The cow will be in the stall most of the time then." "Yes, it's better in the winter: cutting up mangel-wurzels is easier than chasing over the mountain for her.
We had mangel-wurzels and carrots and turnips and Swedes, but of course the carrots were the rabbits' favorite.
To get in training she has been learning to plough furrows, milk cows and throw mangel-wurzels for the film.
After I'd mixed her mash and cut a few mangel-wurzels for her, I noticed a drop of milk coming from her udder.
In between there was a chaff-cutter for making chaff of the hay, and a slicer for cutting up mangel-wurzels for the cow.