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Synonyms for mangel-wurzel

beet with a large yellowish root

cultivated as feed for livestock

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She was thrown into a job as Joe Mangel Neighbours that was harder than she realised.
Several people, I was with, commented that they could see as well during totality as they could when it had been bright and that their acuity was much better than it usually is when it is dark at dusk," Mangel said.
He was predeceased by his parents, Morris and MaryEllen (Mangel) Bitter, his sister, Darleena S.
Mangel beets, often called forage beets or mangel-wurzel beets, grow huge roots weighing from 5 to 20 pounds each that can be used as livestock fodder in winter.
Meanwhile, Mangel's telephone kiosks will be decorated by artists then placed temporarily in Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and other locations.
Mangel. But the anemia can be much more severe preoperatively than anticipated, possibly related to a longer time between deciding to have the surgery and actually having it.
La contaminacion por restos de basura (Thiel et al., 2010), o en todo caso, los efectos de la actividad antropogenica en general (la contaminacion minera y pesquera, el desplazamiento por especies introducidas (perros, gatos y ratas), la caza dirigida, la captura incidental y la pesca con dinamita) son un problema a lo largo de toda la costa del Pacifico Oriental de Sudamerica (Majluf et al., 2002; Apaza et al., 2004; Mangel & Alfaro-Shigueto, 2008; Medina-Vogel et al., 2008; Vianna et al., 2010; Mangel et al., 2011; Valqui, 2011).
Melanie Mangel was at the heart of Ramsay Street during the height of Neighbours' hold on the British viewing public.
Born Marcel Mangel in 1923, Marceau and his brother took the name of famed French Revolutionary General Marceau and dropped their Jewish surname after France fell to the Germans.
I was saying, `You know me as Joe Mangel or the wacky BB guy, but here's my real story'.
Some other rabbit treats most people don't think of include: sunflower seeds, dried cornstalks, pumpkin seeds, mangel beets, rutabagas, turnips, dried pea and bean vines, and soybeans.
Allen Mangel of Glaxo Wellcome reported on two studies of 1,273 predominantly white women over age 18 with IBS involving diarrheal symptoms alone (70%) or alternating symptoms (30%).
Minta and Mangel (1989) proposed a method for estimating population size from mark-resight data for small, heterogeneous populations.