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an olive-green sandstone containing glauconite

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Processes using manganese greensand or manganese oxide coated media are relatively inexpensive techniques for radium removal [29].
In the case of relatively low manganese concentrations in raw water, filtration through a catalytic (Mn[O.sub.2] containing) material (manganese greensand, FHM, Everzit Mn, Pyrolox, etc.) can be suggested.
The oxidation process that causes iron to precipitate before the contact of Manganese Greensand can be seen in the following reaction:
The purification system consists of closed aeration and the Manganese Greensand iron filter.
Manganese Greensand has been the industry standard for this type of treatment for more than 50 years.
For more information on GreensandPlus and Manganese Greensand, contact Vivian Augustine by phone at (856) 881-2345.
An insulated truck-trailer was equipped with different forms of treatment processes, including manganese greensand filtration, ozonation, UV-filtration and membranes.
Manganese greensand for water treatment is mined and processed for use in filters as well.