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Synonyms for maneuverer

a person skilled in maneuvering

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The performed simulation involves an initial vehicle speed of 72km/h and initial brake temperature of 150[degrees]C; afterwards the driver induces a brake base maneuverer characterized by a constant brake pedal position of 60%.
Interaction with different textile stakeholders revealed that the package was a maneuverer by the lowest value-added basic textile sector.
Poulos: The growth in the spine sector has been modest, so we're seeing many of the spine players trying to out maneuverer or outflank each other with enhanced quality, innovation and speed.
To standardize and facilitate all aspects of the data collection and analysis processes, twenty test interviews were conducted, recorded, transcribed and reviewed prior to the experimental maneuverer.
In fact, during his career he has been known by friends and foes alike to be a bit of a dissembler and a maneuverer.