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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

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For different product diameters, a new timing screw and bullet (mandrel) can be installed in minutes, while different product heights are accommodated by raising or lowering the machine with a turnscrew mechanism.
The smallest radius is also affected by how far around the mandrel you want to wrap the flex.
Insert the shaft that holds the mandrel (and also locates the fixture) into the base and, while securely holding onto the smooth stub so it does not turn, screw the shaft and mandrel together until the shoulder butts against the rear of the fixture.
Benefits include faster set up times, ease of registration, less scrap on the front end and reduced cost, as the sleeve does not have to be the same length as the mandrel.
According to the firm's leadership, Vante's mandrels can be made in a wide range of materials and with optional coatings.
[8] established a strain rate/temperature-/microstructure-dependent constitutive model of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by the user's subroutine VUMAT of ABAQUS/Explicit software, analyzed the microstructure evolution laws in hot ring rolling of titanium alloy, and claimed that the uniformity of distribution, grain size, and volume fraction of [beta] phase increase with the decrease of driven roll's rotational speed or the increase of the mandrel feed rate and the initial temperature of ring blank.
A mandrel is pre-manufactured matching the geometry of the structure to be produced and mounted between the jaws of a coil comprising a control system rotation of the mandrel and a control system of the guide wire.
While the mandrel can conquer the above problems due to its advantages of design ability, much flexibility, and relatively little cost.
23 -- CML USA has unfurled the Ercolina TM76 Mandrel Bender with a bending capacity to 3" round tube and multiple profiles, capable of bends to CLR as small as 1.5D with USB offering unlimited storage of bend programs, material library and job information.
If you're making your own arch, or the standard length of trellis doesn't fit your wall, cut it to size with a hand or electric saw, or use a Dremel 8200 multitool, SpeedClic Mandrel SC402 and Wood Cutting Wheel SC544.
The head tooling consists of the mandrel and bushing.
Ercolina's Giga Bender mandrel model GB90 is for bending tube, pipe, square, and rectangular profiles to center line radius as tight as 1D center line radius.
For formation of a cavity in an electroslag billet inside the mould an additional cooled surface, so called internal mould or a mandrel, is introduced.