mandrake root

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the root of the mandrake plant

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After entering and being led through the chamber by three fairies given to her as helpers by Pan, Ofelia finds the pale man to be grotesque and bulbous, with flaps of skin flowing over his emaciated body, a hideous adult manifestation of the infant mandrake root. He is seated at a table laden with sumptuous, but strangely bloody-looking food and drink.
Lafitau strenuously refuted the possibility that American ginseng was related to the similarly human-shaped mandrake root, which since antiquity had been associated with witchcraft, evil spells, and superpowers.
In his Historia Plantarum, 9.18, he mentions the drug's common application as a narcotic, but adds a warning that the mandrake root could cause madness.
Then there is Leah and a mandrake root, Dinah and a painted jacket, Tamar and a copper mirror, Asenath and a golden necklace.
Inside Deep Purple includes performances from of "Concerto for Group and Orchestra," "Mandrake Root," "Wring That Neck," "Black Night," "Speed King," "Child in Time," "Fireball," "The Mule," "No, No, No," "Strange Kind of Woman," "Smoke on the Water," "Highway Star," "Lazy," "Space Truckin'," and "Woman from Tokyo." Commenting again are Dome and McKenzie, along with writers Jerry Bloom and Hugh Fielder, producer Rob Corich, and musicians Bryan Josh, Neil Murray, Steve Whale, Doogie White, and Geoff Whitehorn.
Under one of the pews the workers found a nest, containing some eggs and an "Alraune," German for mandrake root. Why were these things hidden there?
In Damascus and its surrounding area the mandrake root is known by the name lu'be and its fruits as tuffah al-jin, tuffah al-majanin.
Last summer at The Yard, an arts colony devoted entirely to dance, he spent a month making Mandragora Vulgaris, a work based on the medieval legend of the mandrake root. It's performed by Williams and four women whose costumes--padded tangles that resemble parsnips or horseradish--conceal small puppets he made himself.
Entranced or stoned, they perform exotic rites, surrounding a morphing idol in Revolte, 2004, or surrounding themselves with narcotics: a basket of mushrooms in Pfad, a mandrake root in Konspiration, 2004.
YVES SAINT LAURENT'S new after-shave M7 combines mandrake root, reputed for its aphrodisiac properties, and licorice.
"This wine will go perfectly with braised loin of muskrat in a juniper and mandrake root kumquat sauce."
The Bibl tells of Leah bearing Jacob's child by using the mandrake root. And Rachel, Jacob's childless wife, presumably wanted her sister's mandrakes to cure her barrenness.
European Drama Network, a new Midlandsbased production company making modern movies from classic plays, has been nominated with its first film The Mandrake Root.
THE glitzy Broad Street premiere of new film The Mandrake Root was a trip down Memory Lane last week for actress Chara Jackson - because she used to work in the bar at the Cineworld multiplex.
Among the productions that elicited controversy were Lynn Redgrave's "The Mandrake Root" (which nevertheless did well at the box office); Joe Sutton's "The Third Army"; Daniel Goldfarb's "Modern Orthodox"; Charles L.