mandrake root

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the root of the mandrake plant

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Killing a human being was out of the question, and so eggs and a mandrake root were substituted.
Is there anyone today who does not know the conditions required for obtaining a mandrake root, yet is there anyone who would still like to submit to them, who could fulfill them?
Last summer at The Yard, an arts colony devoted entirely to dance, he spent a month making Mandragora Vulgaris, a work based on the medieval legend of the mandrake root.
Entranced or stoned, they perform exotic rites, surrounding a morphing idol in Revolte, 2004, or surrounding themselves with narcotics: a basket of mushrooms in Pfad, a mandrake root in Konspiration, 2004.
YVES SAINT LAURENT'S new after-shave M7 combines mandrake root, reputed for its aphrodisiac properties, and licorice.
The Bibl tells of Leah bearing Jacob's child by using the mandrake root.
The chance for virtual students to participate in Professor Sprout's Class and grow a mandrake root.
European Drama Network, a new Midlandsbased production company making modern movies from classic plays, has been nominated with its first film The Mandrake Root.
THE glitzy Broad Street premiere of new film The Mandrake Root was a trip down Memory Lane last week for actress Chara Jackson - because she used to work in the bar at the Cineworld multiplex.
The play is the third written by Redgrave, following ``Shakespeare for My Father'' and ``The Mandrake Root.
European Drama Network, the new Birmingham film producer and distribution company specialising in making modern movies from classic plays, held the world premier of its first movie, The Mandrake Root, the Italian renaissance comedy hit of 1518.
European Drama Network, specialising in making modern movies from classic plays, has released its film, The Mandrake Root, for internet-only distribution.
Actress-playwright Lynn Redgrave has written herself a big flashy role in her new play, "The Mandrake Root.
To coincide with the premier of The Mandrake Root at Birmingham's Cineworld, European Drama Network teamed up with the Italian/ Sardinian Filini restaurant at the Radisson SAS hotel.
He has produced a film called The Mandrake Root which was shot on location in Sardinia by Malachi Bogdanov, director of several theatre productions at the MAC in recent years.