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The patients aged between 16-56 years of either gender with clinical and radiographical evidence of mandibular fracture (with or without any associated fracture) requiring open reduction and internal fixation, visiting dental department for the period of one year between January 2016 and December 2016 were enrolled.
gender, age groups, causes of fracture, type of fracture, anatomical location of middle third fracture, and anatomical location of mandibular fracture.
If secondary nasal infection and pathological mandibular fractures are involved, then treatment will have to be more extensive.
In our study, we have evaluated complications seen with MMF exclusively, wire osteosynthesis with MMF and miniplating system in management of mandibular fracture.
6,9 Moreover, two-three weeks of immobilization is generally necessary even for complex mandibular fractures.
The present study was designed with an aim of evaluating the efficacy of 3D Titanium Locking Plates in the treatment of Mandibular Fracture and to report the complications encountered during its use.
It was concluded that interfragmentary wiring along with tape muzzle and modified aluminium splint as external co-aptation for additional support can used for mandibular fracture repair in goats.
Avian mandibular fractures should be addressed in 2 stages: repair of the bone, and repair and alignment of the gnathotheca (lower keratinized beak).
Pseudoaneurysm has been reported as a consequence of mandibular fractures in the treatment of sagittal split ramus osteotomy, Le Fort I osteotomy, temporomandibular joint surgery, distraction osteogenesis, and trauma [1-6].
If a mandibular fracture is suspected, the player should be referred to the emergency department for evaluation by the appropriate specialist.
Although resolution of the cyst without treatment has been reported, the watch-and-wait policy is not recommended, as SBC may become symptomatic or may cause a pathologic mandibular fracture [Tong et al.
Maxillary AP fracture was found combined with the mandibular fracture in 25 patients, concomitant brain concussion was registered in 32 patients.
Use of a mandibular fracture score to predict the development of complications.
He had sustained a mandibular fracture at age 6 which resulted in the loss of his maxillary central incisors, 3 mandibular incisors, and delayed eruption of the mandibular left canine (Figure 1).