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in a manner that cannot be evaded

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According to Weatherford International, its notes will have a maturity of three years, issued at 100% of the principal amount and will be mandatorily exchanged for ordinary shares of at the maturity of the notes unless earlier converted at the option of the holders or Weatherford Bermuda or upon certain specified events in accordance with the terms of the notes.
After the sale of 70 million shares in the IPO (without giving effect to the over-allotment option), and the exchange of the EUR 450 million subordinated mandatorily exchangeable notes into NN Group shares by ING (at the midpoint of the offer price range), ING s ownership of NN Group would decline to 73.
C through subscription of Mandatorily Convertible Preference Shares (MCPS) to support the expansion plans of AUB, said a press release.
The increase in dividends on mandatorily redeemable capital stock accounted for USD 29m, or 28%, of the decline in net interest income.
The preferred stock will be mandatorily convertible into common stock at a conversion price of USD1.
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (Vale) (NYSE: RIO), a global metal and mineral mining company based in Brazil, has announced plans to offer two series of mandatorily convertible notes due 2012 (the Series VALE-2012 Notes and the Series VALE.
FAS 150 originally required companies to classify mandatorily redeemable shares as a liability on their balance sheets.
But then, in the '70s, investment bankers invented mandatorily redeemable preferred stock--preferred stock that had to be redeemed by the issuing company in, say, 10 years.
Mandatorily redeemable shares, where the issuing company is obligated to buy back shares in exchange for cash or assets.
It also requires disclosures about alternative ways of settling the instruments and the capital structure of entities, all of whose shares are mandatorily redeemable.
7701-3, the check-the-box regulations, a business entity not mandatorily classified as a corporation may elect a classification for Federal tax purposes An eligible entity with at least two members is autonmtically classified as a partnership unless it elects to be taxed as a corporation.
In case you never heard of it (and I'd bet few Canadians know it exists) the Copyright Board, by its own definition, is an "economic regulatory body empowered to establish, either mandatorily, (their word, not mine) or at the request of an interested party, the royalties to be paid for the use of works protected by copyright, when the administration of these rights is entrusted to a collective society.
Concurrently with the secondary offering, GT Solar Holdings, LLC also sold 14,000,000 shares of GT Solar's common stock to UBS Securities LLC in connection with its underwriting of UBS AG's Mandatorily Exchangeable Notes due 2013, which are exchangeable for shares of GT Solar's common stock.
Same as in the period of communism, the high-school students in the country must mandatorily pay a visit to the Museum of VMRO because the Ministry of Education prepared a new rulebook for organizing the student excursions according to which Macedonian students from all across the country must mandatorily visit this museum as well as the museum of the holocaust and other institutions in Skopje.
After receiving shareholder approval, the 26,700,000 contingent mandatorily exchangeable notes which AIB sold at USD77.