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an authority who issues a mandate

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The private law mandate has an intuitu personae character due to the fact that it is conferred by the mandator on the mandatary in view of the personal qualities of the latter.
This time, Fujitsu has secured basic approval for the tender offer from most Mandator shareholders, Fujitsu officials said.
Cell Network AB and Mandator AB, two major Swedish Internet consultancy companies, are planning a merger.
Mandator AB, the Stockholm, Sweden based IT consulting and systems integrator, has never tasted the low-hanging fruit presented by Y2K; it's always preferred instead to develop expertise in emerging technologies.
If the creditors are in a semicooperative game, the justification for mandator solutions may not apply.
Ideally, the results of the survey will influence Congress, as the mandator of recycling targets, to recognize and include foundry waste sand as a material with beneficial, constructive uses rather than as an occupier of scarce, costly space in the nation's landfills.
nominates a mandator to constitute the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
Justice Bissonnette distinguished between an "organisme executif et administratif" and one "essentiellement commercial", such as the Quebec Liquor Commission, whose discretion he held to be as absolute as that of an employer over his employee or a mandator over his mandatory.
It is currently reducing the number of service providers it uses, concentrating its strategic relationships in this area on four major groups: WM-data AB, Mandator AB, Frontec AB and Guide Konsult AB.
He is also a Director of Teligent Mobile Office AB, Ostberg Group AB, GER Pharma AB and Ticket Travel Group AB (publ), Deputy Director of Cross Pharma AB and BMM Pharma AB, and has previously been a Director and Chairman of Mandator AB, Mala GeoScience Forvaltnings AB and Teligent AB (where he was previously CEO) and a Director of Enea AB, Remium AB, Technology Nexus AB, SMI Media Invest AB, SMI Network AB, Ahlford Advokatbyra AB, Innoventus AB, Innoventus Project AB and Remium Holding AB.
Lisa Gallinaro, Mandates in Anticipation of Incapacity: The Binding Ties of Contractual Obligations and the Protection of the Incapacitated Mandator, University of Ottawa.
Swedish IT services company Mandator AB has paid an undisclosed sum for Assert AS, an Estonian company in the same sector.
Niklas is Graduate Business Administrator and has previously been Managing Director of Mandator AB.
As a former Executive Vice President and CFO/Business Controller of the public listed company Mandator, Jerker KEnll has an extensive executive experience in of building successful and focused organizations around growing business opportunities in an international environment
Shareholders who did not accept the public offer made at the time of the merger between Mandator and Cell Network are to be given a new cash offer of SEK 20 per share.