management control

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an internal control performed by one or more managers

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The government as per this act isn't permitted to sell PIA and ceding management control to any private party.
Acquirers' management control scores were classified according to whether target management control was strong or weak.
He said 26 percent share including management control of PIA would be handed over to strategic partner.
The banking watchdog had previously taken over management control of the majority of the bank's privileged shares.
We need to help change the mindset - if the loss of management control can be avoided by taking advice, why wouldn't you take the advice?
management control systems and practices may not be the most appropriate or effective: In what meaningful, relevant ways do cultures differ between countries?
The responsibility and requirement for government surveillance of contracts remains unchanged and shall be based on the effectiveness of the contractor's implementation of internal management controls.
Hobbie continues, "My initial reason for buying ImageRight was not to be paperless -- it was for the management control.
THE FIELDS OF PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT and management control have changed dramatically in recent years.
Worldwide Computer Products News-6 March 2002-Alert and exception management control system launched by IBIS (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
In each case, the employee described the interaction in terms of a management control (e.
said it is in talks to assume management control of its largest bottler in Germany, in an effort to improve sales in a major but struggling market.
1996) highlight the importance of corporate governance and management control philosophy in ensuring the integrity of the financial-reporting process.
Systems and network administrators have expressed the requirement to improve storage management control, share tape automation resources among multiple servers, and achieve improved performance.
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